(1) The larger the box that they bring in... the smaller the bird. (Ever see a bushtit in a packing crate?) (2) The converse is also true. (How about a heron in a shoe box?) (3) A "baby red-tailed hawk" is ALWAYS a kestral. (Ok... nothing is ever always... once in awhile it is a robin.) (4) "It has a broken wing and can't fly." (Next stop if you open that box...the skylights of the entry hall.) (5) The more inappropriate the diet for that animal, the more likely that it has been fed that for the past four days. (6) Every single human being who walks through our door with a broken, bleeding, orphaned, terrified, and often mis-identified wild creature has come there out of love. -- "Rules For Interpreting Animal ID's by Laypeople," Julie Burkhart, California Wildlife Rehabilitator