Judy Cheng Jasper Place Medical Center 489-8470 She is the one Doctor that never once brought up my weight, only when I did. I have friends that are large themselves who are patients of hers, and, like me, are very pleased with her kindess, respect, and dignity she gives us. I have never received a lecture, or a spiel about how I need to loose weight, and how any of my problems are related to it.



Nicolaas Janssen, M.D., General Practitioner 340 Campbell Street Nanaimo, BC V9R 3G7, Canada (250) 753-3202 I'm 290 lbs, 5'7". I got my first ever physical done by Dr. Janssen. He was kind, receptive to questions, tried to take my mind off of what was happening because he knew I was nervous, he even warmed up the instruments before sticking them in or on me. I have seen him multiple times in the past year for different things, and he's never once brought up my weight. I told him about my bad knees and how my right one twists frequently. He never once made mention of my weight being bad for my joints. He gave me some advice on strengthening my knee, and told me it would keep twisting but the effects would lessen if I kept working at it. He's a great doctor, and he treats people like human beings. Tassia Waddell


Jacqui Gingras, MSc, RD, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist September 2007: I was informed that Jacqui Gingras has moved to Toronto so I moved her info there. Ray Ranger, Registered Massage Therapist Trikinetic Massage Therapy 302-1750 East 10th Avenue Vancouver, BC 604-879-9400 Self-referred. I am fat myself, and make sure that my clinic space for not just other fatties, but for queer and trans folk as well.



Lindsey Mazur, PHEc, RD Nutrition Counsellor Women's Health Clinic; and the Provincial Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery Program 2nd Floor, 419 Graham Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3C 0M3 Phone: (204) 947-2422 ext. 517 Self-referred. We are working on updating our website to include the term HAES but our clinic has be working with HAES before it was called HAES. We are a feminist, prochoice, women's health clinic and HAES tenants are part of our core values. Our dietitians work from a non-dieting approach with a focus on health and overall wellbeing. We will work with you in a non-judgmental way to meet your unique needs, based on your nutrition and health concerns.



Dr. Cochen, GYN Riverside Professional Building. Ottawa, Canada They treated me with respect, did not offer the age old spiel, of lose weight, nor did the doctor blame my condition on my weight.


See West Hill


Joy Burlton, BHSc DHMHS Homeopath 2221 Yonge st suite 504 Toronto Ontario M4S 2B4 (yonge and eglinton) 647-828-2049 Self-referred. I am a classically trained homeopath and enjoy using homeopathy to help people get the most out of their lives. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy in both body and mind. I believe that health comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and my goal is that people feel comfortable both emotionally and physically in the bodies that they have. I have a special focus on the natural treatment of anxiety and depression as well as helping people to deal with problematic eating if that is a self identified issue. Fat is not the health problem, negative body image is! Mt Pleasant Therapy Centre 1670 Bayview Ave, Ste 304 Toronto, ON, M4G 3C2 416.488.2838 ext 3 Self-referred. We are a group psychotherapy practice that work in the area of eating disorders as well as many other mental health issues. We believe that fat discrimination occurs throughout the medical/health profession and all of our therapists are aware of this bias and practice within a "healthy at every size" framework. We have 2 psychologists, one psychiatrist, one dietitian, one art therapist, one counsellor and a social worker. -- Vera Roncon, MA, C. Psych. Nutritional and Eating Disorders Clinic 4950 Yonge St. #1206, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6K1 (416) 229-6656 fax (416) 229-2421 Self-referred. The clinic has 2 physicians, 1 dietician, and 1 psychologist. Their attitude is "Personality and capability have nothing directly to do with weight." -- Jacqui Gingras, PhD, RD, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist Self-referred. "Jacqui specializes in the emotional aspects of nourishment. Her unique approach blends expertise in the areas of disordered eating, body image, metabolism, and the food/mood connection. Jacqui supports women wanting to rebuild their relationships with food. She invites clients to reacquaint themselves with guilt-free eating and to acknowledge food as just one of many important aspects of life. She believes in learning to trust the body's innate cues of hunger as a way to recover from eating disturbances and discover authentic, empowered sources of nourishment and health." Sylvia Kerr, RD, Registered Dietitian 120 Eglinton Avenue East (Yonge & Eglinton) Toronto, Ontario, Canada ON M4P 1E2 416-483-9588 Specializes in diabetes management, pediatrics, and eating disorders. She is trained in Ellyn Satter's program "Treating the Dieting Casualty," which is for adults who have dieted most of their lives and want to learn to eat normally and healthfully again, without dieting. She believes that people can be healthy AND fat. --

West Hill

Dr. Mark, Family Doctor 5550 Lawrence Ave. E., Unit 7 West Hill, Ontario M1C 3B2 (near Scarborough) 416-283-3700 My kids and I went to him when we lived in Scarborough over a year ago. He never raised the issue about fat. I felt very accepted by him never uncomfortable.


William Cecutti, GP, family practice Munir Nathoo, GP, family practice Garden St & Rossland Rd Whitby, ON (905) 430-5305 Very accepting of a determination not to diet. Doesn't require weighing unless necessary. Rarely mentions weight as an issue except when inquiring as to whether weight is going up or down as a side effect of a medication. Office has large blood pressure cuffs which nurses will get without question and often at their own initiative. Doesn't use gowns but allows patient to remain in their clothing or use a sheet for a cover (ie leave own top on and cover legs for a pap)....Few armless chairs but most office chairs can accomodate up to about 350 lbs comfortably. Dr Nathoo is taking new patients. Both see patients on a walk-in basis. There are two other Drs there who only do walk-ins but I don't them well enough to judge plus I think they are both scared of me cuz they just kinda do what I tell them :-) -- Tanya



Catherine Kudo, endocrinology Queen Elizabeth Health Complex Medical Specialists Clinic 2100 Marlow Ave. Montreal, Quebec H4A 3L5 Tel. 514-485-5096 I found Dr. Kudo through a recommendation from my opthamalogist, who is also not fat phobic. Also, a super-sized friend sees her for her thyroid problems.

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