Rachel Smith, MA, NCC, CAC II, counselor, psychotherapist 
See entry under Denver.

Ann Trawixk, MD, PCP
	Mississippi and P
	Aurora CO
	(303) 531-4910
	I have been seeing this provider for over a year and she has
	been supportive and non invasive. When I have asked about weight
	loss help she was full of options for me without being
	disparaging. My weight has never been mentioned in a negative
	manner and I have for the most part refused scale weigh ins. The
	office does only have scales that go to 350. They do have large
	blood pressure cuffs. I have also seen the other dr. (Dr Gieske
	?) at this office and the nurse practitioner. They were both
	patient and accepting as well.

Christina Pinsinski, MD
	Conifer Medical Center
	Conifer, CO
	My doctor is open minded and though not infallible, she listens.
	Really listens. And she's been supportive of my HAES/Intuitive
	Eating approach and hasn't forced me or tried to coerce me to
	get weighed since I said I wanted to stop in 2007. 

Sheila Addison, MA, LMFT - individual, couple, and family therapy
	1574 York St. #2, Denver CO 80206
	I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who provides
	individual, couple, and family therapy in Denver.  I see people
	of all kinds but specialize in working with those in the GLBT,
	poly, and kink/leather communities.  When working with clients,
	I consider all kinds of contextual and identity issues,
	including race, class, gender, ethnicity, religion, culture,
	sexual identity, and yes, size.  I encourage larger clients to
	practice self-acceptance and fat-positivity before making a
	decision about whether to lose weight, and even for those who
	are managing their weight for health reasons, I explore with
	them whether losing weight is really a guarantee of an improved
	self-image.  I do not treat severe anorexia/bulimia but can work
	with clients who are in recovery from disordered eating to
	consolidate their strengths and maintain or improve on previous
	treatment gains.  I keep a copy of "Fat! So?" in my office and
	use it myself as well as recommending it to others, as I am
	zaftig myself.

All About Womens Care
Anne Walters, Midwife
Nancy Germer, MD, OBGYN
	701 East Hampden Avenue, Englewood, CO
	(303) 781-5299
	I found out I was pregnant last year. At the time I was 360 lbs
	and had a previous c-section with my son. I had tried to find
	other offices a little closer to my home that I could be seen at
	with a dr that would consider a vaginal birth after c-section
	(VBAC) and could find none. I had a hard time actually finding a
	provider that would even treat me! When  I found this office I
	was 2 months along and the midwife Anne was ok with being my
	care provider and encouraged me to try the VBAC if I wanted it.
	She monitored my care and while she did mention that I was a
	woman of size (those were her words) she was not demeaning about
	it in anyway. There is special care that needed to be taken
	because of my size and it was one reason she wanted me to avoid
	having another c-section if I could. About half way through my
	pregnancy my blood pressure shot up. I was then told to see Dr.
	Nancy Germer to monitor the blood pressure and possible pre
	eclampsia. My treatment ended with a c-section due to
	complications with both - but during the whole time I was
	assured this was not because of my weight. Both my midwife and
	OB were excellent - both my son and I are home and recovering.
	They addressed me as a person and not once was I left feeling
	less than by them or their office staff. The office was more
	than supportive as a whole during my experience. That coupled
	with the fact that they would even consider me trying for a VBAC
	and being supportive of this decision without employing scare
	tactics was amazing and definitely mention worthy. The office is
	set up to accommodating for women of size - they have scales
	that gop up to at least 400 and large cuffs. They are associated
	with Swedish Medical Center.

Taryn Bostwick, MA - Individual, couples, family and group counseling
	2002 B West 120th Ave. Suite #2
	Northglenn, CO 80234 (North Denver area)
	I am a counselor working in Northglenn, Westminster, North
	Denver area.  I work with a wide variety of clients many of whom
	are dealing with body acceptance.  Sometimes when you are larger
	the issues you are facing aren't about size.  Having a fat
	friendly therapist helps keep the focus on the real issues.  I
	always try to meet the client where they are, whether or not
	that includes size concerns or simply a place to focus on other
	concerns without feeling judged for their weight. I offer a
	safe, non-judgmental space to explore issue related and
	unrelated to size and body image.

Jane Butz, M.Ac, LicAc, Dipl.Ac.
	Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Pain Management
	Lafayette, CO and Denver, CO       
	I am a Licensed Acupuncturist working in Lafayette and Denver,
	Colorado. I've been a large-sized person my entire life and have
	experienced, first-hand, fat-phobic discrimination and prejudice
	with health care professionals. Part of why I chose to become an
	acupuncturist was to be able to provide large-sized people with
	a place to go for fat-friendly health care.  My approach to
	health recognizes that wellness is possible in every shape and
	size and is rooted in self-acceptance. I work in partnership
	with each client to understand their health needs and goals.
	Classical Five Element Acupuncture treats each individual as the
	unique person they are. Treatment supports balance of the body,
	mind and spirit.

Marna Goldstein
	6961 E. Mexico Ave.
	Denver, CO 80224
	Marna is a counselor who works with people of all shapes and
	sizes to accomplish healthy self-esteem and body image.
	"She runs a weight loss program in Denver called Thin From
	Within.  It is a therapy based program based on behavior
	modification and 'learning to think like a thin person' but it
	is still a weight loss program.... I want to make sure people
	from Colorado that look on your list actually find someone that
	is going to treat them for their ailments, whether physical or
	mental, and not try to make them lose weight."  -- contributed
	by a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAAFA 

Claire Goodis-Baker, MA, LPC, CAC II
	1776 South Jackson Street, Suite 616 
	Denver, Colorado 80210 
	I am a Licensed Professional Counselor working as a
	psychotherapist in the Denver metro area of Colorado.  I work
	with people of size, predominately women.  I have a respectful
	approach with all of my clients and do not suggest goals or work
	that they are not interested in doing.  I have a personal
	approach to weight which is Largely Positive.  I believe in self
	acceptance and self esteem at whatever size a person finds
	themselves. I do both individual and group psychotherapy around
	issues of size; Mindfulness, body image, body awareness and
	fitness at any size, assertiveness, etc.

Diane Moyer, M.S.,R.D.,C.D.E., Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator
	Denver Centerpoint II
	1777 S. Harrison St.  #805
	Denver, CO. 80210
	I am a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist who uses a non-diet
	approach in counseling.  The focus of counseling would be on
	whatever medical or nutritional concern the person is currently
	dealing with.  My goals are to help women become healthier and
	feel better about themselves as individuals, their bodies and
	their relationship with food, regardless of their body size. I
	also offer groups for women dealing with compulsive eating/binge
	eating/emotional eating issues.  The goals of these groups are
	for women to learn to make peace with food and their bodies,
	give up the diet and weight roller-coaster, and work towards
	developing permanent healthy eating and lifestyle habits.  I
	consider these workshops to be the first steps along the journey
	to learning to eat and live in your body non-judgmentally.

Kimberly Pirtle, Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher
	Englewood, CO (Denver DTC area)
	I am a plus size Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher who
	specializes in helping people of all shapes and sizes head down
	the path of personal acceptance and self-fulfillment.  I am a
	big believer in the Law of Attraction and I work with the
	knowledge and power that we all have inside of ourselves to help
	find the answers we are looking for in our lives. I use several
	tools to aide us on this journey including: intuitive life
	coaching, guided meditation, and Reiki treatments.  All services
	can be given in person or via email and phone.  I have a Reiki
	table rated for 600lbs.

Susan Relihan, Massage Therapy
	Find Serenity Spa
	Denver, Colorado
	303 570-0291
	The goal of every session at Find Serenity Spa is to help you
	feel relaxed and nurtured. Therapeutic touch allows you to
	reconnect with  yourself, rediscovering and making peace with
	your body in the process. Studies have shown that regular,
	consistent massage sessions allow people to often reclaim their
	desire to sustain a healthy life style. Whether you weigh 40
	pounds or 400 pounds, Find Serenity Spa provides a safe,
	nurturing environment for you to relax your body and revitalize
	your spirit.
	Sue has been a licensed certified massage therapist since 1997 -
	specializing in Health at Every Size and Body Awareness.

Rachel Smith, MA, NCC, CAC II, counselor, psychotherapist 
	2855 Speer Blvd., Suite C
	Denver, CO 80211
	5460 Ward Road, #210
	Arvada, CO 80002
	I am a counselor specializing in body image and food issues.  I
	am a national board certified psychotherapist, and a certified
	addictions counselor, level II. I am a Health at Every Size
	practitioner, and a member of the Association for Size Diversity
	and Health.  I believe in empowering people to embrace life
	fully, whatever their size!

Cindy Byfield, Ph.D., R.D.
	Contact info has changed. See entry for Cindy Dallow under

Elena Estanol Ph.D., M.F.A., Licensed Psychologist, Sport Psychology Consultant              
	Synapse Counseling               
	506 S. College Ste. A1 and A2
	Fort Collins, CO, 80524
	(970) 692-3222
	Our practice specializes in treating eating disorders, emotional
	eating and body image in addition to other things from a "health
	at every size" perspective and endorse intuitive eating
	practices. We agree with you that all human beings deserve to be
	treated with kindness, compassion and respect regardless of any
	minority status including size. Though my blog is not specific
	to weight, or size your readers may also appreciate it:

Michelle Hundley, MD, family practice
	2121 North Ave
	Grand Junction, CO 81501
 	(970) 263-2800
	She never brings up weight unless I do first. I've never had her
	push any regimen on me or blame anything on my weight. I love

Cindy Dallow, PhD, RD
	Partners in Nutrition, LLC
	Greeley, CO, 80631
	(970) 378-8203
	"I am a fat-friendly dietitian and researcher.  I believe
	healthy bodies come in all sizes and shapes.  I am available to
	speak to groups on the topic of size acceptance and/or health at
	any size.  I have worked in this area for about 10 years,
	primarily mentored by Pat Lyons, RN, MA, co-author of Great
	Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women and have
	developed a physical activity program for large women called On
	The Move. My passion is to help women and girls stop dieting and
	learn to enjoy food and physical activity again.
	I am part of a very fat-friendly private practice."
	Nutrition Consultant, Author, and Speaker
	Promoting Health @ Every Size
	Affiliated with Chris Book (see entry under Loveland).

Kurt Dallow, MD, FACSM
	North Colorado Family Medicine
	Greeley, CO, 80631
	(970) 356-2424
	Dr. Dallow is married to Cindy Dallow (above). She writes:
	"Dr. Kurt Dallow is well-grounded in the 'health at every size'
	approach to wellness and does not use body weight as the sole
	indicator of health. He takes time to assess a person's
	lifestyle, family history, and many other facets of health
	before determining their risk for chronic diseases, such as
	heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Although he believes that
	weight loss might be beneficial in some cases, he discusses this
	belief with the patient and always asks for their thoughts and
	concerns about weight and health. He believes that body weight
	is only one small part in the big picture of health and

Jane Butz, M.Ac, LicAc, Dipl.Ac.
        Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Pain Management
	See entry under Denver.

Chris Book, RD, CDE
	Partners in Nutrition, LLC
	Loveland, CO, 80304
	(970) 622-9997
	Nutrition Therapist and Speaker
	Affiliated with Cindy Dallow (see entry under Greeley).

Taryn Bostwick, MA - Individual, couples, family and group counseling
	See entry under Denver.

Sandra Zitkus, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Reflexologist
        Pueblo West, Colorado
        Phone 719-647-0818
        I am a large woman who wants to help other large people to feel
        better. My specialties are alternative practices. Hypnosis and
        Reflexology can both be used to help our bodies work more
        efficiently and hypnosis can be used to build self-esteem and
        loads of other things. Reiki is energy work that can also help
        our bodies to work better and to heal. I have a table for Reiki
        and Reflexology that holds up to 500 lbs. I am sympathetic to
        the needs of large people, being one myself. I am certified as a
        Hypnotherapist by the Nation Guild of Hypnotists. Certified as a
        Reflexologist and Reiki Master.

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