Kenneth Blank, M.D., OB/GYN
	2141 K St. NW Ste. 808
	Washington, DC 20037
	Very loving and respectful doctor. More concerned with overall
	health than with obesity. Has plus sized gowns and blood
	pressure cuffs. Dr. Julian Safran is another excellent partner
	in this medical practice.

Susan McKinney, general practitioner
	Washington, DC
	This doctor is reported to have moved to the Dallax, Texas region.

Ana Paunovic, MD, Internist  
	Washington Primary Care Physicians 
	660 Pennsylvania Ave SE 
	Washington D.C. 20003 
	phone 202-546-4504

Melanie St. Ours, Clinical Herbalist
	Washington, DC & Takoma Park, MD
	Phone: 410.802.0404
	As an herbalist I work with clients to help them regain optimal
	health through nutrition, herbal preparations, and sometimes
	through dietary supplementation. I believe that healthy bodies
	come in all shapes and sizes and concern myself with the pursuit
	of health, empowerment, and self-acceptance. I support clients
	in resolving the health issues that concern them while
	increasing their sense of personal empowerment in regards to
	their health and ability to lovingly care for themselves.

Preston Sacks, MD, Reproductive Endocrinology
	2440 M St NW # 401  Washington, DC 20037
	Dr. Sacks is a honest, but respectful and compassionate RE.  He
	is willing to work with you regardless of size.  He and his
	staff are great. Columbia Fertility Associates is a great

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