Judy Malschick, MSW, Psychotherapist and Massage Therapist
	2115 E. 3rd St.
	Bloomington, IN. 47401
	(812) 339-6362
	Appointments available in evenings and on weekends, as well as
	regular hours during the week. Insurance plans accepted. When I
	spoke with Judy on the phone to make my first appointment, I
	told her that I was a large woman (size 28) and that I wasn't
	interested in weight loss as a solution for the problems I was
	experiencing.  She has been respectful of my stance in every
	possible way.  Judy is an addiction specialist, and I'm dealing
	with a food addiction, as well as depression. Even though my
	issues are with food, she completely understands that not all
	fat people are fat because of what they eat, as well as the fact
	that being large doesn't necessarily negatively affect her
	clients' mental states.  She bolsters my self-esteem, and we
	only discuss my weight when I bring it up. -- 
	Jennifer Jackson

Dana Dyer Pierson, sex educator
	As a large woman myself, I have personal and intimate awareness
	of the challenges faced by larger people in our weight-obsessed
	society. As a sex educator, I can help people find comfort and
	pride in their bodies, as well as sexual and sensual comfort and
	satisfaction. For larger people, it can be difficult to find
	someone who views them as viable sexual beings worthy of
	dignity, respect, and support. I neither judge nor condemn
	people for their bodies, their preferences, their choices, or
	their interests. I'm here to help. As a former docent at Kinsey,
	I am uniquely qualified to help people learn to embrace their
	bodies- of all sizes or shapes -and capture and celebrate their
	innate sensuality. I am also a Pure Romance consultant, to
	create a consumer-friendly platform for my outreach. I offer
	in-home parties for women (and those who identify as women), 
	a private place to get their most intimate questions answered by
	a trained sex educator while shopping for
	relationship-enhancement products. 

Melissa Freer-Smith, RD, CD
        Two offices: Cassopolis, MI and Elkhart, IN 
        Nutrition Therapist, Personal Trainer, Intrinsic Coach 
        Specialty is eating disorder treatment and prevention, including
        HAES approach to health management. I focus on working with the
        individual and their goals for health and fitness outside of
        weight management. I do not check weight, unless it is medically
        necessary during the course treatment/nutrition therapy. 

Donna Kozar, Family Physician
	1750 Oak Hill road 
	Evansville, IN 47711
	(812) 479-1777
	Dr. Kozar was my children's doctor, I appreciated her
	thoroughness and her kindness, I then ask if she would become my
	doctor. She is the first doctor of many doctors that did a
	complete and thorough physical on me. And told me that there was
	no reason that I could not have children, and she did mention my
	weight as a factor, and I am 400lbs. She said to conceive I
	might have to take a fertility drug to help me. I have
	appreciated her honesty in any question that I have ask her
	regarding weight and non-weight related questions. She is a gem!

Gayle Borkowski, ob/gyn
        The Retreat
        Goshen, IN 46526
        Dr. Borkowski is totally accepting of bbw, she looks to the 
        cause of a medical condition and treats it, not the symptoms or
	blames weight. When I was at 346lbs she was very encouraging for
	me to try to get pregnant. She insisted it was not an issue at
	all. For me she is wonderful, I can speak to her about anything
	and my weight has never come up, except when I bring it up. I
	have had great success with her. --

Andrew Dick, MD, General Practioner/Family Practice
        Indianapolis, IN  (southside)
        I have many relatives who are overweight and they all love 
        seeing Dr. Dick.  He has let each and every one of them know
        that many of their medical conditions wouldn't be as evident if
        they did lose weight, but he does not hold it against them.  He
        does not suggest going on a diet every time he sees them and
        even though he is a relatively thin man now, he was once very
        over weight, too.  I think that has had an effect on how
        compassionate he is where a person's weight is considered. 

Fishers Family Physicians
Dr. Deanna Willis
Dr. Aasha Trowbridge
	11845 Allisonville Rd # 400
	Fishers, IN 46038
	They, as well as their entire staff, were always courteous,
	respectful and I felt totally at ease being treated there. I was
	under the care of Dr. Deanna Willis when I was diagnosed
	Diabetic Type 2.  She explained the disease from a medical
	standpoint, explaining that it was not just because of my
	weight, but was a genetic trait.  We discussed options and
	treatments, including weight loss, because I brought it up.
	There was absolutely no judgement on her part.  I went to see
	their dietician Dr. Trowbridge. We discussed my diabetes, my
	current habits, my goals.  She took the time to listen to me, to
	find out about me and discussed options with such kindness and
	respect I was amazed. They're terrific.  

Brandi Wood, Midwife (Homebirth)
	2098 E SR 38
	Markleville, IN 46056
	(765) 533-3522
	High emphasis on nutrition not weight. Did not bug me about
	weight at all, since my midwife is heavy-set herself. Has large
	number of other clients who are largely endowed. 99.9%
	breastfeeding rate for longer than a year. Homebirth practice
	offers more available choices.

G. Sue Eiler, L.C.S.W.
	Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
	Purdue University Student Health Center
	601 Stadium Mall Drive
	West Lafayette, IN 47907
	****CAPS can only be accessed by Purdue students, faculty, staff,
	and their spouses.****
	I would recommend Sue in a heartbeat.  Her work with eating
	disorders has made her well-acquainted with size acceptance and
	fat activism.  She is fully supportive and does not pathologize
	fat.  She is kind, experienced, and smart.  I was also surprised
	to find a "Body Acceptance" pamphlet in the CAPS waiting room,
	as you won't find any of that in other areas of the health
	center.  It was a relief to know that I wouldn't have to teach
	my counselor about these issues or dodge diet recommendations,
	both of which would undoubtedly hinder progress.

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