Susan Lowrey - GP (and sees a lot of kids)
	Amity Medical Associates 
	Amherst MA 
	She's very down to earth and low key, brings up issues of weight
	if they relate to a specific problem I might present but does
	not attibute problem to weight and in general makes me feel very
	comfortable. She's always been kind and sensitive in general.
	NOTE: As of June 1999, Dr. Lowery is not accepting new patients,
	neither is Dr. Margulis, her practicing associate.  

Andrea Crowley, midwife
	No longer in practice.

Sarah F. Kelly, M.D., Internal Medicine
	111 Grossman Dr
	Braintree, MA 02184
	(781) 849-2262
	She never shames you for weight or size. She looks at your blood
	work and the full exam to get a picture of your health and never
	dismisses symptoms based on your weight. She also listens well
	to any questions or health concerns and is sympathetic to issues
	you are going through. I actually enjoy seeing her!

Emilie Hitron, M.D., Internal Medicine
	No longer in practice.

Paige Eastman Dickinson, CPM, Birth Care Midwifery
	Serving Cape Cod & Southeastern Massachusetts
	(area bordered by Taunton, Seekonk, New Beford, Plymouth,
	(508) 979-8887
	I have worked with many different body types and know that size
	plays very little in the equation of birth.  It does not make
	sense physiologically that women of large or small size birth
	differently.  A woman's belief in her ability to birth plays one
	of the most important roles.  This is what I aim to accomplish
	with all of my clients - creating an environment where clients
	feel empowered.

Claudio Delise, OB/GYN
	See entry under Hanover.

Kathy McMahon, Psy.D.  Clinical Psychologist
	Powell Road,  Cummington, MA 01026
	I'm certified as a Diplomate of Sex Therapy and Sex Educator
	through AASECT. I promote "sexy at any size," to my graduate
	students and client, and model positive feelings about being a
	big beautiful woman. Sex-positive and size-positive message.
	"Bodies are beautiful" and cultural messages are harmful.
	Couples only.  GBLT friendly.

Amy Hochler, RN, MS, MSW, WHNP, nurse practitioner 
	Foxboro Women and Family's Health Center 
	Foxboro, MA
	Self-referred. Specializing in women's health.

Janey O. Yardley, M.D., Internal Medicine/Women's Health
	242 Green St
	Gardner, MA 01440
	I was a patient of Dr. Yardley's for several years when she
	practiced in Somerville.  During our first appointment I told
	her that I was queer, into consensual S/M and fat.  She was open
	to all of those and was always super nice to me, never
	judgmental.  Also during this appointment she said, "I am new to
	'fat stuff' so if I make a mistake, I hope you'll be willing to
	educate me rather than fire me."  Her staff never forced (or
	even pushed) me to be weighed.  She always put through any
	referral I asked for without a hassle.  She never rushed me,
	most of my yearly physicals were over an hour in length.  She
	always asked me if I wanted a gyn exam as part of my physical
	(pap smear, breast exam, etc.) which was awesome because it
	saved on time, a co-pay and really shows how much she cares
	about women's preventative health.

Diane Amsterdam, OB/GYN
	234 Russell Street Suite 3 
	Hadley, MA 01035
	(413) 586-2022
	I've been seeing Dr. Amsterdam for the past six years. She's
	mentioned my weight once or twice: the first time when I first
	saw her, the second time when I came in with a significant
	weight gain in less than a year. Otherwise she is much more
	concerned about overall health and patient comfort than size
	alone. Bonus: the nurses will use whatever blood-pressure cuff
	seems to fit best, and they have a wide range of gowns. 

Claudio Delise, OB/GYN
        South Shore Midwifery
        2100 Washington St, Hanover, MA    (781) 871-2822
        1300 Tremont St., Carver, MA   (508) 866-3398
        851 Main St. # 4, South Weymouth, MA (781) 340-0505
        I asked him at my first appointment if he had a problem treating
        me (for infertility) because of my weight (which at the time was
        @ 380 lbs.)  He right away gave me a funny look and said "why,
        big girls have babies all the time!"  I knew he was the right
        person to be seeing.  His midwives and nurses are very
        professional and never once made me feel out of place because of
        my weight.  He dabbles in infertility, and said if I was not PG
        within 4 months he would send me to an reproductive
        endocrinologist.  He did ask her advice on my treatments though,
        so he does have the resources.  I was pregnant within 2 months.
        He listened to all my concerns and was very supportive
        throughout the pregnancy. -- Margery Blades,

Marci Yoss, MD 
	Worthington Health Center
	Old North Rd.
	Worthington, MA
	Huntington Health Center
	Huntington, MA
	She believes that fat can be fit and healthy.  Yay!

Lydia Jeffcoat, MD, internal medicine
	Coastal Medical Associates
	Newburyport Medical Center 
	One Wallace Bashaw Jr. Way, Suite 2003
	Newburyport, MA 01950
	(978) 465-0635
	The reason I have stayed with her so long is because she's been
	so respectful of me and my weight issues. 

Wayne Weinreb, M.D.
	21 Main Street, Suite #3A  
	North Reading, MA 01864
	He is fat friendly but with one big caveat. While he takes all
	of my complaints seriously (my previous doc blamed everything on
	my weight) and will order the appropriate tests, he will bring
	up weight loss during the annual physical without fail. I ignore
	this annual dance because his care the rest of the year is
	superb. One other issue of note is that he is part of the MDVIP
	network so there is an annual fee to be a patient. This is in
	addition to your personal insurance coverage and copays. In 2014
	the fee is $1500 per year which can be made in payments. This
	buys you half hour visits, an unhurried visit, and a very
	thorough annual physical. 

Dr Barbara Jones - OB/GYN
	Hampshire OB/GYN 
	Northampton MA
	Never mentions weight, I have asked if my weight will be an
	issue in getting or being pregnant and she's very low key and
	practical, supportive, willing to read articles and discuss
	things. The nurses there are not always so pleasant though. 

Mohamad Kamel
	Carlton Street
	Northampton Mass.
	(413) 585-0700
	He is the "greatest." For years I would not go to a
	embarrassed and so afraid. The first time I went to see him, he
	was so wonderful to me...Never mentioning anything about my
	weight..He only asked me to take a blood test, just to see if
	everything was ok...(he knew that I was afraid, so he did it
	himself in his office). The only time that my weight came up, was
	when I brought it up. I am happy with him, and I know any
	other "fat" woman would be comfortable too.

Alicia Landman-Reiner -- MD, Naturopath, Homeopath
	118 Conz Street 
	Northampton, MA  01060
	Not only has Alicia been fat friendly (urging me not to diet,
	but instead to work on ways to increase muscle strength and
	improve overall health), but she has also been willing to hear
	my horror stories about the fatphobia of other medical
	professionals I have dealt with. When given information about
	the ways in which I have experienced fatphobia and homophobia,
	she promised me that she would learn from my experiences. This
	is a Doctor who *listens*, is highly open and respecting, and
	who works in partnership with her patients.  -- jdewey 
	NOTE: As of Nov 99, reported not to be accepting new patients. 

Nancy Posner, Nurse Practitioner
	Hampshire OB/GYN 
	Northampton, MA
	I've been seeing Nancy for almost 3 years now.  She's absolutely
	wonderful. Very soft spoken, sensitive, and has never mentioned
	my weight. In fact, she doesn't even weigh me when I go to the
	office. Whatever questions I have, she will take the time to
	answer everything. She does pap smears, STD screening, and
	basically anything a gynecologist would do except deliver
	babies! --

Northampton Sex Therapy Associates
	Director - Jassy Timberlake, M.Ed., LMFT
	(AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)
	Serving Western Massachusetts
	Phone: 413-587-0095
	Size-friendly clinicians working with couples and individuals,
	with a specialty in sex, sexuality and sexual health. GLBT
	welcoming and affirmative. Poly/Kink friendly and aware.

Joseph Perrotto, GP, Gastroenterology
	One Lenox Street
	Norwood, MA 02062
	I have been a patient of Dr. Perrotto for over 10 years. I weigh
	over 400 lbs. He has never tried to put me on a diet. I
	initially went to him for stomach problems, and his only comment
	to me about food was to stay away from spicy food. His staff is
	amazing, his office has wide chairs. The office is on the second
	floor, but if you park across the street, you enter at the right
	level and then there are only 4 steps to go up. I have never
	been asked to be weighed, and never told that if I lost weight,
	my condition would improve or go away. When I asked him about
	diet drugs a couple of years ago - he laughed at me and said "I
	would never do that to you, Phen/fen is a prescription for
	death!" My fiancÈ also goes to Dr. Perrotto - he weighs 300+
	lbs. My mother (200 lbs.) also is a patient. Neither have ever
	been encouraged to lose weight. -- Deidra Daley

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, LMHC  
	Quincy, MA
	Private Practice Psychotherapist specializing in food and body
	image concerns. Coauthor of Weight Wisdom: Affirmations to Free
	You From Food and Body Concerns, Brunner-Routledge, 2003.
	(Stef's note: Weight Wisdom is about healing from eating
	disorders, not about weight loss.)

Cindy Blank-Edelman, LMHC, Psychotherapist
	17 Poplar Street, Roslindale, MA 02131
	617-855-WELL (9355)
	As a large woman myself, I understand how difficult it is to
	find a therapist who is fat-friendly. I help my clients
	understand how fat oppression has affected them and their body
	image. I support my clients in pursuing better health and a more
	satisfying life without having weight loss as their goal. I
	believe that self-acceptance is necessary for good mental health
	and also understand how hard it is to accept ourselves in a
	culture that says that only certain bodies are acceptable. I
	invite people to check out my website and contact me if they are
	looking for a therapist.

Leather Dupris, Midwife, Reiki Therapist, 
	Director of Services
	MoonDragon Birthing Services & Home Health Care
	0 (Zero) Boardman Street
	Salem, MA  01970
	office: 978-744-5583
	fax: 978-741-2015
	Homebirth midwifery service for healthy pregnant women, new moms
	and their babies regardless of size, religion, race, culture or
	financial ability. We use preventive, holistic methods of care
	including nutritional counseling. As a large woman myself, I am
	aware of and have received size-prejudice in the medical
	community. As a midwife I have found that healthy women-of-size
	are capable of having happy, healthy, fulfilling pregnancies and
	birth at home without complications or need of medical
	interventions. I will not require my larger clients to "diet"
	but will encourage healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits.
	Full midwifery care includes pre-pregnancy counseling, pregnancy
	testing, prenatal care, nutritional counseling, Reiki therapy,
	natural childbirth education, homebirth midwifery services,
	neonatal care, postpartum care, breastfeeding education &
	support, parenting education & support, and contraceptive

Carol Fairbank, BCCE, CD(DONA)
	Bradley-Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula,
	Breastfeeding Support, Pregnancy & Birth Photography
	(978) 744-4182
	I have helped many fat women have safe, natural births in
	settings that are not always fat-friendly.  I am also a large
	woman myself and feel very comfortable working with other fat

Maurice Martin, General Practitioner (Family Practice)
	Somerville Family Practice
	Somerville, Massachusetts
	I was always treated with total respect and my weight was never
	blamed for any of my problems. At one point I decided I wanted
	to lose some weight, and described the diet I was doing, in
	order to get feedback. He was supportive but not pushy about it.
	When I later gained it back (and more) he didn't say anything.
	He also had the sensible attitude that healthy behavior (such as
	exercise) or things that could cause problems (such as coffee)
	could be done in moderation. So, for example, when he encouraged
	me to cut down on caffeine to help my digestive system he said,
	"Just cut down. You don't have to give it up completely -- you
	want to be able to have some fun in your life." One time he was
	drawing blood from my arm, and was having trouble finding the
	vein. I asked why. He said, "Well, you've put on some weight
	lately, so there's a thicker layer of fat, and that makes the
	vein less easy to see. But that's not your problem, that's my
	problem." The only reason I stopped seeing him was because I
	moved out of state! The staff was great also. 
	-- Joyce Wermont 

Read Weaver Schusky, ND, Naturopathic medicine, general practice
	Amethyst Center
	259 Elm St, Ste 300
	Somerville, MA 02144
	In addition to seeing patients, I teach at the College of
	Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Bridgeport, where I
	emphasize fat acceptance. While there are a few conditions where
	weight (high, low, and in-between) has a direct effect on
	health, dieting, discrimination, and stress are almost always

Claudio Delise, OB/GYN
	See entry under Hanover.

Sarah Barnett, MD MPH
	Baystate Children's Hospital
	office at 140 High Street, Springfield MA 01199
	413 794 2515
	I'm an MD in pediatrics, and have been a fat-blessed person all
	of my adult life.  Although I have had surgery for weight loss,
	I am in my heart and soul still a fat-blessed person, and I
	believe that Fat does NOT automatically mean unhealthy.  I don't
	believe in directing anyone else's weight in any direction
	through any means (diet, drug, surgery); each of us makes
	choices, and we all have the right to be the weight we are.

Lucy Bayer-Zwirello and Dr. Markenson, perinatologists 
	Springfield, MA 
	They are both phenomenal.  They are part of the Fetal and
	Maternal Medicine Group in Springfield, MA (part of Baystate
	Hospital). They only take patients that are pregnant who are
	high risk (including diabetics like myself). My experience with
	them has been nothing but positive. They are absolutely
	wonderful and completely sensitive to weight and your feelings.
	They blame nothing on weight and don't even mention it unless it
	pertains to a problem you are having (e.g. gestational diabetes
	or preeclampsia).-- Nikki (

Thomas J. Doney, MD, OB/GYN
	Valley Women's Health Group, LLC
	2 Medical Center Drive, Suite 512
	Springfield, MA  01107
	Telephone 413-732-2311
	Dr. Doney is a quality professional doctor.  He is the best
	OB/GYN I have ever come in contact with.  He has never made me
	feel uncomfortable or even mention about my weight. I'm a super
	size women.  He has taken wonderful care of me through out my
	entire pregnancy.  The nursing staff is wonderful too. The only
	one complaint I would have is that sometimes you have to wait a
	while after your scheduled appointment to see him, because he's
	so thorough with every patient and takes him time.  When it's
	your turn, he takes his time with you and it's well worth the
	wait.  I would highly recommend Dr. Doney.

Glen A. Dixon, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
        Women's Health Care of New England
        Woodland Road - Stoneham, MA 02180
        Phone: 781-662-7385
	I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Dixon after seeing my previous
	OB/Gyn who informed me that she would not assist me in a
	pregnancy unless i went for a stomach stapling. i went to see
	Dr. Dixon ready to walk out of the initial meeting.  His  nurse
	was just as nice as you could ask for and when he came in we
	chatted back and forth for a while before i asked "how do you
	feel about a VERY overweight pregnancy"? his response was a very
	casual He didn't have any issues with it if i didn't and that he
	had delivered healthy babies with mothers considerably larger
	than i was.  I left with my faith in the medical profession

Kimberley Clemente, MD
	Merrimack Family Medicine in Massachusetts, USA 
	600 Clark Road, 3rd Floor,               
	Tewksbury MA  01876
	AWESOME practice. For the 4 years we went there, the doctors,
	especially Dr. Kimberly Clemente, were entirely supportive.

Jonah Soolman, RD, LDN, ACSM-HFS, NSCA-CPT 
Joanne Soolman, MS, RD, LDN
	Soolman Nutrition and Wellness 
	555 Washington Street Second Floor
	Wellesley, MA 02482
	We help you establish healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes
	while your weight takes care of itself and settles where it
	naturally belongs. Rather than asking you to count grams and
	calories and restrict your intake, we teach you to eat mindfully
	and listen to your body's hunger/fullness cues. We help you find
	ways of being physically active that are fun and agree with your
	body. Part of establishing a healthy lifestyle means learning to
	sever any link you may have between weight and self-worth and to
	love and accept yourself the way that you are now, not X pounds
	from now.

Wellner Poppe, MD
	Winchester MA
	I've seen her several times now. I am an overweight healthy
	woman. She sees that and does not badger me about weight. In
	fact, she doesn't even mention my weight becasue my health is
	good. I am sure if she needed to discuss weight she would do it
	pragmatically and without judgement. - Stacey

	See HUNTINGTON, above

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