William H. Marshall, OB/GYN 
	Women's Clinic
	St. Marys Professional Building
	Jefferson City, Missouri
	Two years ago I had my first child. I weighed around 250 at the
	time.  He never made an issue out of it. He never said "you
	can't gain any weight." I had that happen with a friend of mine
	by another Doctor in that group. Dr. Marshall was recommended by
	a friend who was probably over 330lbs when she had her third
	child. He never cut her down or made any issue out of it. --

Carrie Carda OB/GYN
	Poplar Bluff, MO
	Dr. Carda (Pronounced Sarda) is very fat-friendly.  She has
	never made an issue of my weight, and she specializes in
	infertility and pregnancy. She referred me to a specialist in
	St. Louis who humiliated me by refusing to treat me because of
	my weight, but when she found out what he had done, she not only
	called me personally to apologize, but checked out other doctors
	in St. Louis until she found one who will treat me. Her office
	has more plus - size gowns than small ones, at least 50% of her
	patients are fat.  She also goes out of her way to make you feel

Valerie Nelson-Mason, OB-GYN  
	400 First Capitol Drive, Suite 301
	Saint Charles, MO 63301
	Dr. Nelson-Mason has been great through my whole fat pregnancy.
	She doesn't lecture on how much weight you should and shouldn't
	gain with your pregnancy, and while she acknowledges that
	sometimes having extra fat in the front can make it hard to feel
	the baby's size, she doesn't act like it is the worst thing in
	the world and just sends you for a growth ultrasound. No biggy.
	The first thing that tipped me off was the inclusion of Figure
	Magazine in the waiting room (Also: comfy chairs). 
	Listed Feb 08

Linda Rodrigue, Ob-Gyn
	1150 Graham Road, Suite 111
	Florissant, Mo 63031  (St. Louis Missouri)
	Dr. Rodrigue is definitely not fat-phobic. At least 1/2 of her
	patients are BBW. Seating and equipment are adequate for the
	larger women. She evaluates symptoms for all possible causes,
	not automatically assuming that a problem is linked to weight.
	She has a great bedside manner, and uses her experience with
	larger women to adapt examination techniques to provide the best
	information and the least discomfort. She will help with weight
	loss if you bring the subject up, but does not preach.

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