Peter C Morse, MD
	Cosmetic Surgery Group of South Jersey
	2500 English Creek Ave. Bldg B., Suite 120
	Egg Harbor Twp., NJ 08234
	This is the Atlantic City area of South Jersey.
	My wife Dr Claudia Resch has retired from practice, but I
	am continuing in practice:
	I am a 56 year old plastic surgeon who is married to a big woman
	who abandoned dieting years ago. I have never told a patient to
	to lose weight before an operation. Breast reduction, for
	example, is usually done for medical relief, and many of the
	women who have the problem are large. It has been proven that
	surgery will relieve their symptoms. The same is true for
	abdominoplasty for an abdominal apron, or even liposuction for a
	localized area correction. I do have large gowns (cloth yet),
	armless exam room chairs, and waiting room chairs that although
	not armless will comfortably hold 400 pounds (tested!)

Marla B. Cohen, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist
	102 Browning Lane, Building C, Suite 5
	Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
	Phone: 856-427-0888
	I am a clinical psychologist, NJ licensed, who specializes in
	women's issues, with a particular focus on issues of compulsive
	and/or emotional overeating.  I espouse a non-diet approach and
	body-positive thinking that helps women learn to love themselves
	and radically change dysfunctional and destructive relationships
	with food.  My practice offers individual and group therapy, as
	well as day-long and weekend workshops focused on body
	acceptance and mindful eating.  My "Conscious Cravings" programs
	are based on the work of Fat is a Feminist Issue author Susie
	Orbach, as well as Breaking Free from Compulsive Overeating
	author Geneen Roth.  

Karen Katz, CNM
	Brunswick Hills OB/GYN
	East Brunswick, NJ
	She is a great midwife and very fat-positive. She never mentions
	my weight at all, and when I worried about it during pregnancy,
	she told me very firmly that it was not an issue. She makes sure
	the office has big gowns and BP cuffs, and spends lots and lots
	of time talking at every visit. Kristin Cavuto, kristinnicole at
	I haven't seen Nurse Katz yet, but the whole practice has been
	pretty awesome.
	Yahoo for my OB's office! I lost 2 pounds since my last
	visit....and they were concerned, which is as it should be! 

Dee Grasso, MA, RD (Registered Dietitian)
	See entry under Short Hills

William Stanell, M.D., OB/Gyn
	Lawrence OB-GYN Associates, P.A.
	123 Franklin Corner Rd.
	Lawrenceville, NJ  08648
	Phone:  (609) 896-1400
	I would like to HIGHLY Recommend this wonderful, understanding
	and nonjudgmental OB/Gyn. After experiencing many miscarriages
	and problems, I was referred to him. Not ONCE did he make me
	feel uncomfortable or blame my problems on my weight. (He never
	even mentioned my weight EVER!!)  He is the most understanding,
	kind and smartest doctor I have ever encountered and I also
	noticed that when he's in, there are a lot of BBW women gushing
	over him in the lobby.  They all agree with me, he's the best!!
	-- Shirelle, New Jersey 

Dr. Richard Scott Jr., Reproductive Endocrinologist
	Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science 
	Saint Barnabas Medical Center
	Livingston, NJ 07039
	Dr. Scott will be the first to admit he is fat himself and is in
	no position to start calling the kettle black.  He is a very
	gifted doctor specializing in fertility issues and told us that
	my weight should in NO WAY prevent us from having a healthy
	baby. He matter-of-factly pointed out that some research shows
	increased risk for gestational diabetes and cesarean births, but
	he said this has not been his experience as long as the woman is
	in good overall health. He has delivered many many healthy
	babies to women of all sizes. We were very assured by his frank
	manner and friendly personality. Office has a large spacious
	seating area with many couches, refreshments, and very friendly
	staff. -- BY in NJ

Alan Cohen, DO
	608 N. High St
	Millville, NJ  
	(609) 327-0880
	I was referred to this doctor for pulmonary (asthma) meds. He
	is, however, also a primary doctor. The waiting room has couches
	rather than chairs, no arms. I have never seen a more comfortable
	waiting room. The receptionists are very friendly and polite.
	No mention was made of weight. They have large blood pressure
	cuff. Doctor was VERY nice. He is a very good pulmonary doctor
	also, in addition to being a general family doctor.

Barbara Reese, LCSW, ADTR
	Women's Therapy Service of  Montclair
	460 Bloomfield Ave., Suite 307  
	Montclair, New Jersey   07042
	(973) 783-2292
	This counseling and psychotherapy service is dedicated to the of
	your mental well-being and self-esteem as a person of size. With
	over 20 years of clinical experience, we offer individual,
	group, and marital therapy. For individual treatment, men are
	welcome, as are children and adolescents. Our support group
	program is entitled the INNER IMAGE PROGRAM for Eating and Body
	Image Concerns, which offers 3 integral components: A Women's
	Issues Group, A Body Image Movement Group, and Nutritional
	Counseling Group. Our nutritionist will help you eat your best,
	given your expressed goals for your health. A scale is used only
	when you feel it is in your best interest to be weighed. We will
	help to connect you with local fat-friendly physicians,
	gynecologists, and psychiatrists.

Rajesh Dev, MD, endocrinology
	Thyroid and Diabetes Center at Saint Peter's University Hospital
	240 Easton Avenue 4th Floor
	New Brunswick, NJ  08901
	Phone: (732) 745-6667
	Because I was there for a diabetes check, they did ask some
	questions about my weight - but were very sensitive about it,
	and they have never once told me to lose weight. (we'll see how
	that changes after baby comes, but so  far, so good)

Kevin L. Carter, Certified Personal Trainer
	Princeton, NJ
	(609) 306-2936
	I am certified as a Fitness Trainer through the International
	Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I am a member of the fitness
	training staff of the Robert Wood Johnson - Hamilton Hospital
	Center for Health and Wellness. I am a graduate of Harvard
	University who competed in the World Sumo Championships and for
	the U.S. National Sumo Team. At 6-0, 300, I am a former member
	of the Harvard University football team who understands from
	personal experience the special needs and wants of fat people
	who want to be fit and healthy, no matter their weight. I
	believe all fat people can be healthy, and I am an example of
	that! I do personal training at my gym and in clients' homes. I
	am nurturing, caring, positive and fun!

Paul Bindell, Chiropractor 
	75 East Main Street, Rockaway, NJ
	Self-referred. Has been in practice for 24 years. He has an easy
	access office, requiring only 1 step up from his parking lot to
	the office floor. His office is spacious, combining sofas and
	chairs so that there is a comfortable place to sit for people of
	all sizes and ages. He does not require patients to be weighed
	if they prefer not to be weighed. He will politely discuss the
	effects of weight on the spine and how it may relate
	specifically to an individual's back pain, unless the patient
	indicates that he/she would prefer not to discuss it. He is
	friendly to everyone, and sees everyone as created in the image
	of G-d.

Kathy Pereillo, chiropractor 
	"Caring Touch Chiropractic" 
	Rockaway, NJ  
	(973) 983-8999 
	Wonderful Chiropractor, vibrant, full figured woman.

Nadine Rosenthal, MD
	Cooper Physician Practice
	Washington Twp
	Sewell, NJ
	(609) 589-2211
	I went to this doctor for about 3 years. In the beginning I let her
	know I was not interested in diets and she was fine about it.
	After about 2 years I started to cut back on fats and sugars,
	lost a little weight, and asked about the Healthy Eating Plan
	through my HMO. I told the doctor if I lost weight, great, but
	that was not my focus, eating better because of my diabetes
	was. Well ever since then she never stops talking weight. The
	office has chairs with arms, but they aren't too bad, and there is
	at least one love seat size chair. They do have a large blood
	pressure cuff. The receptionists are quite friendly. The doctor is
	very friendly and spends time with you. The doctors she usually
	refers to for specialties all seem to have those tiny little
	stackable chairs in their offices, and most are quite fat-phobic.

Short Hills
Dee Grasso, MA, RD (Registered Dietitian)
	CAN DO Health
	Short Hills, Edgewater, and Wayne, New Jersey
	(973) 218-9100
	Registered Dietitian specializing in eating well for living and
	learning to love your body. I am "fat friendly" because I truly
	believe that people are naturally different weights and shapes
	-- the same as they are different heights! We don't think twice
	about someone's height and yet many are quick to judge a
	person's weight. I am a dietitian but I don't believe in diets
	and I am NOT a size 2 and I don't aspire to be that! Beauty
	comes from the inside out. I help my clients to adopt a
	healthful eating style while maintaining a positive body image.
	Much of my work centers on helping women to create a "counter
	culture" and in doing so -- fully accepting, embracing even,
	their bodies JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.

Women's Health & Counseling Center 
	95 Veterans Memorial Drive, East
	Somerville NJ 08876   
	908 526 2335 
	They have been one of the most fat positive experience I have
	had with the medical profession.  The treat you like a human
	being and the doctors their really listen to you. Esp. Dr Randy
	Protter. They also have you pay on scale and if you do not have
	medical insurance will work with you to provide payment through
	different funded programs with a small fee. --

Dee Grasso, MA, RD (Registered Dietitian)
	See entry under Short Hills.

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