LAS VEGAS Scott Brown, DDS (Dentist) Comfort Dental 803 South 7th Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 (702) 384-4721 Dr. Brown is a friendly dentist and he never judges you based on your size. In fact, nobody in the office has ever made a comment about me being fat! He also has larger sized dental chairs too, with ample open space on the sides for your hips to fit in. Dominic L. Ricciardi, MD, primary care 8285 W Arby Avenue, Suite 165 Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 702.363.6005 I've finally found a fat-friendly primary care doctor in Las Vegas. Dr. Ricciardi specializes in bariatric type medicine, but he is a great primary care doctor (you can see him as your regular doctor even if you haven't had or don't want to have weight loss surgery). I see him for my regular checkups (I've never had nor considered weight loss surgery). He is very thorough and spends tons of time with you to answer all of your questions. He has never lectured me on weight ever, and he never scolds you if you've gained weight. He seems to truly care about his patients and he wants you to be healthy. His office is very high tech and his medical records are all electronic, so he always has your health history literally at his fingertips. He also has several very large armless couches in his waiting area so there is a comfortable seat no matter what your size, and he has large blood pressure cuffs. And best of all he is PROMPT! I have never had to wait over 5 minutes to see him. If you are a fluffy person who avoids going to the doctor, don't put it off and see Dr. Ricciardi. You won't get any stern lectures and you won't leave humiliated. RENO Barbara Cox/ABC Nutrition Services, Dietician/Nutritionist 1575 Delucchi Lane #115 Reno, NV 89502 775-329-0505 Barbara's statement elsenet: I assist patients with developing a recovery plan which is individualized to their lifestyle and situation. I help the client to begin to nourish their body with an eventual goal of becoming an intuitive eater. I combine CBT with nutritional guidance and help the client to overcome their fears with food. I also work with families and significant others to help them understand and learn how they can help their loved one. My office is located in a professional building and I am a registered dietitian in private practice. She occasionally does Intuitive Eating Group therapy as well. Russel Foulk, reproductive endocrinology Northern Nevada Fertility Center 75 Pringle Way Reno, NV 800 967 4938 This doctor also has a clinic in Boise, Idaho. (See comments in that listing.)

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