Buffalo, NY 14222
	(716) 878-9821
	This Dr is not only fat-friendly, he is one of the smartest,
	kindest, gentlest doctors around.  He does not make weight an
	issue AT ALL when dealing with infertility (even with PCO), and
	acknowledges without prompting that weight loss is a slow and
	highly difficult process. Realizing the non-efficacy of dieting,
	he treated me with the same protocols he uses with all his other
	patients, and I am a super-sized BBW(!!) As a sidebar, he gave
	me a completely pain-free HSG. I  have since moved from Buffalo,
	but drive 1.5 hrs each way to stay with Dr. Crickard's practice.
	-- Marie (

Carmen M. Todoro, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology
	Depew, Ny (A suburb of Buffalo, NY)
	(716) 656-2200
	Dr. Todoro is the best OB out there, I had a lot of medical
	issues with my first son. Most doctors would have assumed they
	were due to my weight (260, and 5'5), but Dr. Todoro did not.
	Even his nursing staff was amazing.  My bp was constantly high,
	and I was sick all the time.  Instead of harrassing me about
	weight, he sent me to specialists trying to figure out the true
	cause.  It turns out I was preeclamptic; it had developed into
	H.E.L.L.P and thanks to the fast acting staff and doc, I was
	rushed into the hospital and my son was delivered safely. He is
	nice, funny and a great guy.  I'm a military spouse so sadly I
	had to move away from him, but for my second child I am actually
	considering flying back to NY just so he can deliver my next.
	-- Angela Zych,

Mary Coan, PhD, MD, Family Medicine
	Integrative Family Care at the Springs
	4 Coulter Road
	Clifton Springs Hospital
	Clifton Springs, NY  14432-1122
	(Clifton Springs is about halfway between Rochester and Syracuse.)
	Tel: 315-462-3553
	Dr. Coan totally supports the concept of taking care of me & my
	body as I am now. My weight/size come up matter-of-factly as a
	factor when appropriate, *with no reference to weight loss.*
	There are wide chairs in the waiting room and some of the exam
	rooms, and the Xenical BMI chart has disappeared from her half
	of the office. She is learning about Health at Every Size
	(HAES), and about energy/vibrational medicine. She's smart, very
	approachable, and not stuck in the traditional Cartesian medical
	model. There are lots of docs much closer to my home, but being
	cared for by Dr. Coan is worth every mile of my 40 minute
	She is inside Clifton Springs Hospital, right next to the Spa.
	It's quite a hike from the parking lot to her office. If you use
	a scooter, bring it.
	-- "coach anne", AmpleAliveness, 

Patricia Boggio 
Registered Dietetic Technician, Certified Holistic Health Counselor
	StoneWater Sanctuary
	525 Albany Post Road
	Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
	914-788-9844 ext.:108
	Private counseling on the non-diet approach to health as well as
	a HUGS for better health facilitator.

See entry for Carmen M. Todoro, M.D., under Buffalo.

Joyce Wasserman, Physical Therapy
	Horseheads, NY (near Ithaca)
	She has explicitly told me that resolving my joint pain is a
	matter of developing strength and tone in the right muscles, not
	a matter of changing my weight or size.  She practices a type of
	physical therapy (postural restoration) that tends to
	acknowledge and work with different body shapes and sizes,
	rather than try to force all bodies to conform to a shape/size
	as a prerequisite for treatment.

Jennifer Hanauer, OB/GYN
	394 Old Country Road
	Garden City, NY 11530
	(516) 742-9642
	While I've only visited her once, I am confident in saying that
	Dr. Hanauer is a truly caring and kind practioner. She took the
	time to do my history with me in her office *before* the exam,
	instead of me filling out pages and pages of history in the
	waiting room. She herself is a bit fat, but I don't suspect that
	necessarily contributes to her outlook on patient care. Because
	I am on the pill, we talked about smoking, and how quitting
	relates to weight, and she was open and realistic. As for
	weight, she basically expressed that everyone is different and
	does things in their own time - including herself! I was not
	pressured at all about either. In fact, I felt absolutely
	supported and cared for. - DerelictDaughter11, New York

Gabriel San Roman, Reproductive Endocrinologist
        200 Old Country Rd
        Mineola, NY
        (516) 739-2100
        2500 Nesconcet Highway, Blg. 19
        Stony Brook, New York
        (631) 246-9100
        Dr. San Roman has never, ever mentioned my weight as an issue
        and I was 5'11" weighing over 300 pounds.  He is supportive and
        caring.  I did 2 IVF tries with him.  He supplied hospital gowns
        that were very roomy and I never felt I was too large for any of
        my treatments.  I have seen women bigger than I in the office. 
        His staff is wonderful and caring as well.  The only time that
        weight was brought up was when I brought it up and his comment
        was "There are women bigger than you having babies everyday.
        Your weight is not an issue."  He has many associates in his
        practice, and not one of them has mentioned my weight as a
        factor either.  I would highly recommend this practice as being
        fat friendly. -- K.D. in New York.

Ramin Ahmadi, MD, OB/GYN
	142 Joralemon Street, 14th Flr
	Brooklyn, NY
	I've been going to Dr. Ahmadi for years for regualy GYN stuff,
	pap smears, breast exams, etc.  I am now pregnant with my first
	child and decided to stay with Dr. Ahmadi as a patient.  He has
	been great through my pregnancy.  Only once did we have the
	"possible health effects of a fat mom" conversation and that
	really was because he said he HAD to say it.  Had I been a short
	mom or older mom he would have given me the appropriate speech.
	His staff is also really great.  The scale in their office does
	not go very high but, whenever I come in for an appointment, I
	just weigh myself at home. He is dedicated to me having a
	healthy baby, just like any of his other patients and when I
	began spotting in early pregnancy, he gave me the "this happens
	to 50% of women" speech instead of the "well you are fat
	speech".  A friend of mine, who is not as fat as I am, mentioned
	wanting to have a baby with her GYN who automatically dismissed
	her and her husband's want and told her she shouldn't even
	consider becoming pregnant with first having lap band.  Hearing
	that story made me realize I was taking Dr. Ahmadi for granted.

Body Love Wellness (Golda Poretsky, HHC (Nutrition & Coaching))
        New York City, NY
        phone: (347) 559-4259
	Golda Poretsky, H.H.C. is a certified holistic health counselor
	and founder of Body Love Wellness, a wellness company that
	provides individual and group counseling from a Health At Every
	Size perspective. Via her blog, podcast, and counseling
	programs, she helps women and men throughout the country to get
	off the dieting roller coaster, give their bodies what they
	really crave, and love their bodies and themselves. Golda's
	programs and activism work have been featured on CBS's The Early
	Show, ABC's Nightline, NBC's LX New York and Time Out New York.
	Join her newsletter to get info on how to book a free Body Love
	Breakthrough Session.  You can also read client testimonials

Ruth Callahan, PCD (DONA), Owner/Director 
	Doula Care Postpartum Service
	70 West 93rd Street # 20G
	New York, NY 10025
	(212) 749-6613
	Nurturing families after the birth with kind non-judgmental,
	thoughtful care. I'm an energetic, happy, healthy and fat mama
	doula, trained in Human Lactation, and Childbirth Birth
	education. The doulas in the service can help ease the
	transition into parenthood by giving emotional support along
	with teaching about breastfeeding and maternal postnatal care,
	bathing, diapering, umbilical cord care, soothing techniques and
	learning to read the baby's feeding and sleeping cues. We
	mentor, assist, teach and nurture the whole family.  

Lolita Chatterjee, MD
	55 E 34th Street #5
	New York, NY
	I went in for a specifically weight-related concern (I have
	gained an unusual amount of weight in the past 4 years unrelated
	to my diet/exercise choices). She listened to my description of
	the problem with compassion and did not question my statements
	regarding my eating/exercise habits or suggest a change in
	diet/exercise. She ran a thorough medical history, checked my
	charts, ran extensive blood work, and determined 3 different
	potential hormonal causes of my weight gain. Also, my robe was
	large and accommodating (I am a size 16, it probably could have
	fit up to a 22 or so, I did not ask about XL robes) and the
	entire staff treated me with nothing but respect.
	I had a very demoralizing conversation with Lolita Chatterjee.
	She is not at all HAES, and she totally fat-shamed me (though
	she was fine with my wife). I asked for a prescription for
	ibuprofen. She responded "Well, your weight is probably not
	helping your knees." and "I see that you declined to be
	weighed."..."I hope that you at least have a scale at home.
	Otherwise, how are you going to know if you gain more weight?"
	and "You think they hurt now? Just wait 20 years." It went even
	more downhill. She looked horrified at me using the f-word. "I
	don't think of you as a fat person! You're trying to exercise
	and eat well."..."Almost all fat people are not motivated."
	Other things that she said that I don't remember how they fit
	in: She did acknowledge that weight can be genetic. She
	automatically assumed that my father died young of a heart
	attack. She said that she wasn't saying to diet, just to lose
	weight. What? How does that work? 

Simone Menaiye Cinque, midwife
	409 Halsey Street
	Brooklyn, NY 11221
	I researched many midwives, I was originally going for a home
	birth, and came acros Menaiye.  First off let me say that she is
	such a wonderful person.  Visits with her are very inviting,
	very comfortable, there are never loads of people waiting around
	to see her, she actually sees you at the time you make your
	appointment and she takes the time to speak with you
	individually, gets to know you, etc.  I found her focus was less
	on my fat and more on my nutrition.  She asked about my eating
	habits, my exercise habits, my feelings.  If not for my family
	not supporting my decision to have a home birth, I would loved
	to stay under her care.  She is exceptional.

Jennifer Davidson, C.S.W., Psychotherapist
	19 West 34th Street
	New York, NY 10001
	212-947-7111 X160
	She gives great advice and encouragement about keeping life
	balanced, and accepting myself for who I am.  It's so hard in
	NYC to be overweight with everyone being so conscious about
	looks and fashion.  She won't let me beat myself up over my
	weight.  We talk realistically about my work toward my body
	goals.  She has personal experience with weight and body issues
	and really understands the struggle.  She's got a great sense of
	humor and it is calming to talk to her.  She is awesome! --
	Angela in NYC

Megan Davidson, PhD, Doula 
	Professionally Trained Labor & Postpartum Doula
	Breastfeeding & Babywearing Support and Education
	I am a doula (both a birth assistant and I offer postpartum
	services) and I work with all women, offering non-judgmental
	support through pregnancy, birth, and the transition to
	motherhood (either for the first time or again). I live in
	Brooklyn but I serve all of New York City.

Downtown Women Ob-Gyn Associates
Shelley Kolton, OB/GYN
	568 Broadway, Suite 304
	New York City, NY
	On the intake forms you fill out at your first visit there is a
	question that says "Are you comfortable with your present body
	weight?" If you say yes they will never ever bring it up. They
	also have large sized hospital gowns and I have never had a
	problem with them blaming my size for any problems or
	difficulties in examinations
	Initial submission by Shira E. Stone, updated Feb 08 by Stef

Geleni Fontaine, Acupuncture
	(718) 374-1703
	Brooklyn, NY
	Self-referral and recommendation
	Geleni has been involved in fat activism for a long time and, as
	a healer, comes from a position of recognizing the importance of
	acknowledging and honoring all our intersecting identities.

Lynn Friedman, M.D., OB/Gyn
	New York, NY (Manhattan)
	(212) 737-3282
	First of all, she's a great gynecologist.  Skillful, well-
	informed, personable, takes the time to talk to you and listen
	to you, admits what she doesn't know and finds out, returns
	phone calls promptly, etc. As to fat-friendly: she absolutely
	does not bring it up if it's not relevant to a medical problem.
	She recognizes that I can be (and am) fit while still being fat.
	It's just not an issue. The staff is also very professional.  I
	am always presented with a gown big enough to cover me and an
	appropriately-sized blood pressure cuff, without being made to
	feel that this is anything to be ashamed of. They accept if you
	say you do not want to be weighed and remember it on future
	visits -- again, without  any suggestion that there is anything
	wrong or unusual about this. The only problem -- she doesn't
	take my insurance and is pretty expensive.  I don't know what
	insurance she does take, if any. However, they are very good
	about helping you with your insurance forms.
	Listed Feb 08
	I went to her after I found her on this list.  I agree she is
	absolutely fat-friendly.  I am quite heavy, but she did not
	bring up my weight at all.  When I brought it up because I was
	concerned that it had gone up in spite of healthy eating, she
	said that it was likely my thyroid condition.  She referred me
	to an endocrinologist.  She also completely believed me when I
	told her that I did not lose any weight from strenuous exercise
	for years.  Absolutely no shaming. The nurse who weighed me (I
	did not ask not to be weighed) was completely neutral about the
	number.  They did have a large gown, although they had to
	"realize" I didn't fit the smaller one before it was brought
	out.  She does not take insurance, but the office helps with
	forms for reimbursement.

Walter Futterweit, Endocrinology & Metabolism
	1172 Park Avenue (at 93rd Street)
	Dr. F treats women with PCO and other endocrine problems that
	can contribute to fat. While being weighed is mandatory and his
	office is NYC small, there is a large bench and NEVER EVER have
	I heard one judgmental comment about my size. Never has my diet
	been questionned unless I brought it up. Never was I talked to
	like I was stupid because I am heavy. He is wonderful with
	endocrine problems. Very intelligent and LISTENS!!! -- B.N. in
	I knew in advance that Dr. Futterweit doesn't take any
	insurance. He charged me $900 for the first visit. My insurance
	does cover lab tests but he didn't want to be bothered so I had
	to get prescriptions for all the tests and go to the lab
	directly. He scheduled me for a test at the hospital that would
	be covered by my insurance but his office didn't get prior
	approval. So I traveled to the hospital for nothing. At the
	hospital, the insurance company would have approved the test if
	they could have reached Dr. Futterweit, but they could not. Then
	his office was very rude saying that I knew they don't take
	insurance! When I went back to him to get my results re:PCOS,
	etc, he didn't have a clue as to what was wrong with me and
	wanted to "think about it" and I should come back. -- Jane aka
	Janette k2jan @

August A Feola, internist, general practitioner
	Brooklyn, New York (Canarsie area)
	718 531-5111
	I have been going to Dr Feola for more years than I can count.
	My weight was never a factor in my health care!  Dr Feola is a
	large man himself so he knows the challenges of being large.  I
	was never told that "I have a cold because I am fat!!"  I think
	that most large people understand that remark!!  He is caring
	and personable--and more important--a great doctor! Even his
	office help are great!  He takes a lot of different insurance
	coverage--has office hours every day--is available in
	emergencies--is connected to Beth Israel Hospital in Brooklyn
	NY. -- Diane D in Brooklyn NY (

Ruben Garcia-Carrasquillo, M.D., gastroenterology
	NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital
	Listed Feb 08

Milton Haynes, MD., Obgyn
	231 E. 76th Street, New York, NY 10021
	Dr. Haynes has been my gyn and my partner's gyn for many years
	(15+). He has a genteel, soft-spoken, caring manner (a cross
	between the TV show personality Dr. Marcus Welby and Bill Cosby
	(he's Black).  He operated on my partner's fibroids and she was
	well taken care of both before & after surgery and while in the
	hospital. We're both big sized folks, I'm around 240 - 250, 5'4"
	and my partner is between 320 - 340, 5'6". He weighs you but
	merely records the number.  To my knowledge he has never made
	any body size judgments nor offered unsolicited advice or
	recommendations to diet.  When my partner was concerned about
	some menstruation changes Dr. Haynes spoke with her at length
	about the possible options she had in dealing with the issue and
	didn't automatically attribute her symptoms to her weight.  He
	accepts all types of insurance and his waiting area accommodates
	different sized folks.  His office is on the first floor but
	there are a few steps up to get to his office. 

Colleen LaSota, L.Ac. (acupuncturist)
	Brooklyn, NY (locations in Williamsburg and Prospect Heights) 
	I'm a plus size woman (about a size 22W) and I've been going to
	Colleen weekly for about 6 months.  On her intake form, I
	checked off a bunch of health concerns but did not check off
	anything about my weight.  And she never brought it up.  Ever.
	We've since gotten to know one another and I've told her about
	my fat activism work, and she seems to agree with me genuinely.
	Aside from that, she's a delightful human being and a wonderful
	acupuncturist, who has helped me heal from a really
	uncomfortable skin issue and more.  I cannot recommend her

Lesbian and Gay Community Center health clinic
	13th and 7th, Manhattan 
	Several large and supersize women I know have gone to the
	clinic. They have all had very positive experiences and have not
	been lectured to at all about their size. The FLAB group that
	meets there donated a large sized hospital gown to them so that
	they could become even more friendly. 
	-- Shira E. Stone (sestone@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)

Angelo L. Magno, M.D. - General Practitioner
	Brooklyn, New York 
	Dr. Magno is a very kind and patient doctor who never ever makes
	people feel bad for being overweight.  In fact, the only time he
	will mention dieting is when the patient initiates the
	discussion, and even then, he is supportive and never
	judgemental.   When he is asked for an opinion on which eating
	plan he endorses, he will give it - but he will never ever push
	his ideas on anyone. His staff is very kind as well and if one
	does not want to get weighed, the issue is not forced.  He does
	not utilize examination gowns. He does have one large size blood
	pressure cuff. Judging by the number of larger folks that I see
	as fellow patients in his waiting room, I am sure that they,
	too, feel unthreatened by this wonderful and gentle doctor.

Ronica Mukerjee, Family Nurse Practitioner
	Callen Lorde LGBT Health Clinic,
	356 West 18th Street
	New York, NY 10011-4462
	(212) 271-7200
	Specialties: General Medicine, Acupuncture
	Languages: English, Spanish, Bengali, ASL, Hindi       
	I have seen Ronica as my PCP for a couple of years now.  As a
	family nurse practitioner, she is able to provide all of the
	medical services I have needed thus far.  She also works
	directly with a MD supervisor in case there is anything that
	needs a doctor's input or signature.  Ronica has  progressive
	politics across the board and is very fat positive.  It's been
	clear since the beginning that weight loss is not my goal and
	therefore it never comes up.  When I come in and ask about
	things like joint pain or anything that a different provider
	would immediately attribute to my being fat, she advises me the
	same way she would a thin patient.  As well, she takes all the
	time I need with her and I never feel like she's rushing me out
	the door, even though Callen Lorde is a busy clinic and she
	always has a number of patients waiting to be seen. I can't
	recommend her enough if you are a member of the LGBTQ
	population, live in NYC and need a fat-positive PCP.

Elizabeth Newton, nurse practitioner
	Downtown Women OB-GYN Associates
	568 Broadway, Suite 304
	New York, NY 10012
	T.  212-966-7600
	F. 212-925-8736
	I was very happy with her. She never brought up my weight and
	they did have gowns up to about a size 4x. I asked if she wanted
	to be listed on this list and she said sure -- I'll see anyone!
	The exam rooms are a bit small but not horrid. -- Leah Strock, FNP

Laurence Orbuch M.D. FACOG - OB/GYN
	229 East 79th Street
	New York N.Y.
	Tel. 212-717-6040
	Dr. Orbuch is a Gynecologist in private practice in Manhattan
	and is very accomodating and welcomes women of all sizes in his

Nikole Ostrov, OB/GYN 
	NY Comprehensive/NY Pelvic Pain and Minimally Invasive
	Gynecologic Surgery
	90 Maiden Lane, Suite 300, New York, NY (Manhattan)
	(646) 290-9560
	Dr. Ostrov was fantastic. She took time to talk to me before my
	exam, was extremely thorough and caring. When she was taking my
	information, she asked what my estimated weight was. I told her
	what I thought, but also that I didn't keep track of the
	specific number b/c I don't want to obsess about it. "No, don't
	get hung up on it, an estimate is fine, and don't worry, we
	won't weigh you," she said. She was very nonjudgmental and had
	an excellent bedside manner. The staff was very friendly, the
	office is beautiful and calm, and they took my blood pressure
	AFTER exam, which was nice b/c I'm usually stressed out before
	the exam. Also, the gown fit me at an 18/20. They also have an
	online portal where you can leave messages for the doctor, view
	your history, etc. -- I'm all for ease of communication, so I
	appreciate that. I went for a routine annual exam, but it seems
	like they cover a whole range of issues. 

Dr. Robert Pae (orthopedic surgeon)    
	175 West 12 Street
	New York, New York
	Phone  (212) 604-6265

Zev Rosenwaks, infertility specialist 
	Cornell Center for Reproductive Technology
	New York City (Manhattan)
	212 746 1743
	My weight (5'4" and 225 when I started treatment) was never
	discussed. I have also seen heavier clients in the waiting room.
	As a bonus, he's an excellent provider, probably one of the best
	in the country. -- Patricia K. Tessler

Lora Sasiela, CSW, BCD ~ psychotherapy
	80 East 11th Street, Suite 508 
	New York, NY  10003
	13 West River Road 
	Rumson, NJ  07760 
	Specializing in eating and body image concerns, I work from a
	feminist, anti-diet approach based on the philosophy espoused in
	Susie Orbach's Fat is a Feminist Issue. Trained at a
	postgraduate psychoanalytic institute founded by Ms. Orbach, the
	Women's Therapy Centre Institute, my treatment model involves
	working with clients to help them gain a more comfortable and
	nurturing relationship with food and their body. Individual and
	group modalities are available. Please feel free to contact me
	for more information or to schedule a consultation.  

Thazin Saw / General Practitioner
	349 Henry Street
	Brooklyn, New York
	I have been going to Dr. Saw for years, so has my mom and her
	sisters. Dr. Saw knows my weight but also knows that I am
	healthy. When I asked about bariatric surgery a few years ago
	she lectured me on the risks of the surgery and would not even
	recommend a doctor for me for which I am now thankful. She told
	me and I quote, "you are a healthy, young, beautiful woman, why
	would you want to risk your life?" She then put me in touch with
	a patient of hers who had undergone the surgery and regretted
	it. After inquiring about my eating and exercise habits she
	suggested I do yoga more often and walk the dog a half hour
	extra a day, not as a weight loss solution but to increase my
	activity levels. She was the only doctor who believed my fatigue
	and depression were attributed to something other than my weight
	and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. She has larger examination
	gowns, larger blood pressure cuffs, it is standard, they don't
	go get "the big one" from under the cabinet especially for you.
	She is also a great person knows me by name, remembers things
	about me without reading that chart in front of me and always
	asks about members of my family that also see her.

Third Root Community Health Center
	380 Marlborough Road, Brooklyn, NY 11226
	Third Root is a holistic community health center whose mission
	is to provide accessible and empowering healing services to all
	people and we actively work to counter fat-phobia. We hold
	regular Yoga for Abundant Bodies workshops taught by a woman of
	size. Several staff members are fat identified, including one of
	our owners/acupuncturists who is also an HAES activist.We offer
	acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, and yoga. All of our
	services are on a sliding scale and our staff is trained in

Andrew Tucker, Ph.D., clinical psychology 
	Methodist Hospital Sleep Disorder Program
	Brooklyn, NY
	On the infrequent occasions that my weight is mentioned, it is
	connected to whether or not there have been any changes, so he
	can assess if we have to review my treatment protocol.  Once or
	twice in 3+ years he may have mentioned the research that shows
	a link between weight and apnea, but he has never made me feel
	uncomfortable about any such discussions.  I would say he is
	size accepting.

Pamela Warren, MS, CHN Nutritionist
	Art of Conscious Living
	I am a Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist in NYC and am working
	with many overweight patients and clients. My work is done with
	compassionate support for each individual. We center on
	self-worth and raising self-esteem so that the client is able to
	work toward healthy behavior that leads to health improvement
	without uncomfortable reminders of weight as a focus.
	Health concepts with compassionate support. We focus on health
	improvement, weight loss if desired and reversal of illness. We
	center on self-worth and raising your self-esteem working toward
	healthy behaviors for your lifetime. Whole foods nutrition

Patricia K. Tessler, Family nurse practitioner 
	Community Health Center 
	Pine Bush, NY 
	Phone: 914 744 2067
	Self-referred. Primary care services in adult medicine,
	pediatrics, and gynecology. 

Mary L. Coan, MD, PhD, family medicine
	See entry under Clifton Springs.

Naomi Pless, Family Medicine 
	[Current contact info unknown, may be reachable through
	University of Rochester Medical Center]
	Treats the individual, and the symptoms. Tells me if I need to
	exercise more, or eat healthy foods; doesn't blame my symptoms
	on my weight at all. Also, the Nurse Practitioner, Maureen
	Richardson, is wonderful. Very caring, and acknowledges my
	ability to assess my health status, and my sense to come in for
	treatment when necessary. Also treats me like an adult who is
	aware and concerned about my health. However, the health center
	does not have an adequate scale to weigh me; they have a beam
	scale with a counter weight that weighs up to 450 lbs (I'm 390)
	but the platform to stand on is too small. 
	Update Feb 08: Dr. Pless is apparently no longer with the Family
	Medicine Center on South Ave. lists Naomi Pless
	as a "Family Medicine Teacher" at University of Rochester.

Gabriel San Roman, Reproductive Endocrinologist
	See entry under Mineola.

Mary L. Coan, MD, PhD, family medicine
	See entry under Clifton Springs.

Rodika Coloka-Kump, D.O.
	See entry under Bronx.

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