Michael Cosgrave, family practice 
	American Fork, Utah 
	(801) 855-3840
	I've seen him for years, and he has never made my weight an
	issue. Every time I've seen him, he's taken my concerns
	seriously and treated me well.  I went to him for chest pain
	once (it ended up being an inflamed lining rather than a heart
	problem), and he never lectured me about losing weight even
	then. I've been to him for back pain, and he has said weight is
	likely a contributing factor, but no lectures came.  He sent me
	for x-rays and a CT scan to make sure there was nothing too
	horrible wrong, and he took my pain seriously.

Timo Hoggard, Family Practice, OB/GYN
        American Fork, Utah
        He is a family practice doctor but also delivers babies. He has
        never made my weight an issue. I have PCOS and am trying to get
        pregnant and he has been extremely supportive and kind.

Hugo Altamirano, allergist/immunologist 
	Provo, Utah 
	(801) 375-9292
	I've been seeing him frequently for allergy/immunology problems,
	and weight hasn't been brought up even once.  He's always
	treated me respectfully and has listened to my concerns.

Beth Hanlon, MD, internal medicine
	1060 East 100 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84102
	Dr. Hanlon has been my primary care physician for seven years.
	She has never focused on my weight, even after diagnosing me
	with type II diabetes. We have discussed healthful eating and
	the importance of improving my diet and fitness level, but she
	has never talking about losing weight. Dr. Hanlon has always
	listened carefully to my concerns and symptoms. A nurse
	practitioner in the same office, Kristin McElwain, is also
	wonderful and has never focused on my weight. She ably diagnosed
	enlarged tonsils as a cause of snoring and constriction of
	airways after an ENT (in a different office) insisted I had
	sleep apnea because of my weight without even looking at my
	throat. -- nickiwhitepaws@yahoo.com.

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