Eleanor Capeless and associates
	Fletcher Allen Hospital 
	Burlington, Vermont
	They are a teaching hospital and a high-risk OB/GYN unit. They
	are *all* more health conscious than fat conscious -- especially
	if YOU say fat is not an issue. -- Anita

Green Mountain at Fox Run 
	"women's center for healthy living without dieting"
	Ludlow, Vermont 05149 
	We are a residential facility which we describe as a women's
	retreat for healthy living without dieting. In operation since
	1973, we were a pioneer in the nondiet approach to health and
	weight management. Our focus is not on helping people make
	changes in body weight, but on helping them understand and adopt
	realistic, healthy lifestyles that promote health and
	well-being, regardless of size. We believe there is a wide range
	of healthy body size that is very dependent on the individual
	and cannot be reflected in "ideal" weight charts or BMI figures.
	We encourage positive body images and self-esteem independent of
	body size, and are a promoter of the Health at Any Size concept.  
	-- Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD, CD, Nutrition Director

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