A fluffy Biscuit!

Our fluffy Biscuit came to us from a friend.

It took a while for us to find out her name. (Our friend named her Tillie, after the air plant Tillandsia, because at first she didn't eat very much. But she seemed to have outgrown that name.)

She was skittish at first, and hard to photograph.

Eventually she checked out the view.

And the rest of the office, with big big scared kitty eyes.

When we brought her into the house, we put her in the laundry room. She has loved sitting on the laundry hamper ever since, especially when the sun shines on it.

She also likes drinking out of the tub. Here she is contemplating the idea.

And she goes for it!

She likes to sit on my chest while I work at the computer. To keep her from sliding down onto the keyboard, I rigged up this sling.

And she likes to give kisses. Or maybe she thinks she's cleaning a huge, dirty dirty kitten face.

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