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This web page contains an alphabetized list of clothing retailers who sell in the US and offer clothing in US women's size 30-32 and larger, US men's size 5X and larger.

Created April 2001. Last updated April 2015.


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Each retailer is associated with various keywords:

Type of store
[catalog]	Catalog store
[internet]	Web store
[chain]		Retail chain store
[single]	Retail single store. [state name] follows.
[consignment]	Sells some clothes on consignment
[overseas]	Will ship overseas
[misc]		Other lists of clothing resources
[sew]		Sewing patterns

What genders of clothing they offer 
[maternity]	Maternity and/or nursing clothing and/or bras.

What sizes they make
[petite]	Petite women's sizes
[tall]		Tall women's or men's sizes
[custom]	Does custom work

Type of clothing
[accessories]	Jewelry, belts, hats
[casual]	Slacks, nice shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses
[career]	Suits and other office wear
[club]		Club wear, goth, punk, rave, urban
[costumes]	Halloween and other holiday costumes
[evening]	Evening dresses, evening suits
[lingerie] 	Lingerie, including bras, underwear, sleepwear
[underwear]	Men's undergarments
[outdoors]	Jackets, coats, other cold weather gear
[shoes]         Shoes and boots in large sizes and/or wide widths
[sportswear]	T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, shorts
[swimwear]	Bathing suits (men or women)
[uniforms]      Nurses' uniforms, etc.
[wedding]	Wedding and wedding-party dresses

----- A -----

Abundance A Plus Size Boutique
	13604 Ventura Blvd.
	Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
	Phone: (818) 990-6128
	Upscale plus size boutique established in 1998, owned by a plus
	size woman. Offers casual, business, special occasion clothing
	and jewelry. Offers clothing from many manufacturers, including
	Astarte. Web site does not list sizes so I don't know how many
	items they might have in superfat sizes. Plus-size models on web
	site. October 18

Aerotech Designs Cyclewear
	They sell cycling clothes, some of which they make themselves in
	the USA. Most of what they offer is not available in super
	sizes, but some jerseys, tights, jackets, and shorts are in
	sizes up to 5XL (64" chest, 56" waist). You can search by size.
	October 18

AllHeart Medical Superstore
	Scrubs from various manufacturers, a few items to size 7X (72"
	chest). Wide width shoes. You can search by size. October 18

	Small, fat-positive, family-owned business offering a variety of
	items for large and very large people: Fanny packs, hospital
	gowns (to size 10X), bra and tummy liners, socks, and bibs. 
	October 18

Aramark Work Apparel and Uniform Services 
	Phone: (800) 388-3300
	Fax: 800-436-3132 
	Web site:
	Work clothes, outdoors clothes, some casual and business casual
	clothing. Rentals available. Some of their stuff is available up
	to men's 6X or 60" waist. You can shop by size. October 18

Astarte Woman by Design
	Phone: (562 )708-1330
        Web site:
	Family business owned by plus-size women. Clothing designed
	in-house. Clothing for sale online, at a couple of boutiques in
	California, and often at events such as NAAFA. They sometimes
	have fashion shows. Size chart goes up to 70" hips but they will
	design for larger sizes. You can search by clothing line or by
	type of clothing. Many items in slinky and other stretchy
	fabrics. On the more expensive side. Models are plus-sized.
	Ships overseas. "There are quite often multiple ways to wear the
	same thing. I can dress for a 2 week vacation by taking 6 pieces
	of her slinky knit. All washable, packs like a dream." "Almost
	all of her clothing is cut on the bias. This allows the fabric
	to drape in a flattering way for all body types." October 18

	Chain store throughout US, also sells online. I don't know if
	the retail store offers superfat sizes. Sizes in web store to US
	women's 32 (60" bust, 53" waist, 62" hips). Hosiery to 5'9" and
	450 lbs. Bras to 52 DDD. Shoes to 13WW. You can shop by size.
	October 18

----- B ------

BBW Boutique
	The above web site directs you to their Amazon and eBay stores.
	Small company owned by two plus size women. Some items to 72"
	bust/hip. Club wear, evening wear, resort wear, costumes. Plus
	size models. October 18

Big Tall Direct  
	www . bigandtalldirect . com
	Men's clothing in sizes to 10X Big, 8X Tall, 80" waist, 24"
	neck. Basic alterations available. Low to moderate prices. You
	can search by size. International shipping. October 15

Big & Tall Guys / Keystone Mercantile Company
	101 North Franklin Street
	Titusville, PA 16354
	Phone Toll Free: 800-479-0164, 814-827-7132
	Men's clothing from several manufacturers. Big sizes to 80"
	chest (size 10x); tall sizes to 76" chest (8xt). You can search
	by size or manufacturer. Free alterations. October 18

Big And Tall Mart
	Men's discount clothing from several manufacturers. Casual,
	sportswear, outerwear, underwear. You can search by size from
	the search box or within category. Belts to 78", pants to 72"
	waist or 10X, shorts to 10X, scrubs to 5X; button-down shirts to
	10X, tees to 10X. Lots of graphic tees. Sport coats to 72, vests
	to 5X, outerwear to 12X. Boxers, robes to 8X. Large size socks.
	October 18

Big & Tall Outlet
	1333 S. Nappanee St.
	Elkhart, IN 46516
	Large showroom and Internet store offering discount men's
	clothing. More items in store than on web site. Most items 50%
	off retail prices. Sizes to 12X. Can search by size. October 18

Big And Tall R Us
	Men's/unisex clothing. They carry Grand River (jeans and khakis
	to 80" waist) and Camber (sportswear, workwear, outdoor clothes
	to 7X) brands. You can't search by size. October 18

Big Dogs 
	Web site:
	Boxers, shirts, shorts, pants, swimtrunks, & other up to 6X
	men's sizes (68" chest). Almost everything available in all
	sizes, but you can also search by size. Moderate prices,
	discounts when you purchase multiple items. Larger sizes cost
	more. International shipping. October 18

Big Man's Land
	Mostly casual wear from popular brands. Models are not big.
	Larger sizes sometimes cost more. Some tops in sizes up to 10X
	(80" waist) and some bottoms in sizes up to 72" waist. You can
	search by size. April 15

Big on Batik 
	Small company owned by a plus-size woman. Cotton and rayon
	casual and evening wear, swimwear, sarongs. Each type of item
	has its own sizing; many items to 68" bust, 78" hips, some
	larger. Plus and superfat models. International shipping. Low to
	moderate prices. April 15

Blouse House
	Web site:
	Mostly tops, also some skirts, dresses, pants from several
	manufacturers, primarily A Personal Touch. Most items are in
	polyester/spandex fabric. There's a chart on the page for each
	item listing the measurements of the garment. Size chart goes to
	8x (74" bust, 77" hips) but I can't find anything available in
	larger than 7X. Size 7X costs more. Some plus-size models.
	Moderate prices. International shipping. No way to search by
	size. April 15

Bras Custom-Fit by Maxine
	11104 E. Sheley 
	Independence, MO 64052 (near 30th & Sterling) 
	Phone: (816) 252-1899 
	Bras 28A-64N & Custom (some Maternity, Prosthesis, and Strapless
	as well), Swimwear cup-sized. When calling, state that you found
	her listed on the fat-acceptance clothing list on the Internet.
	April 15: listed on yelp, no reviews

------ C -------

	Catalog store, chain, and Internet store devoted to hunting,
	fishing, and outdoor gear. Some items to men's 5X (64" chest,
	58" waist). You can search by size within category. Ships
	anywhere. Low prices on many items. Apr 15

Casual Male XL
	Chain store with paper catalog and Internet store. Affiliated
	with Rochester Big & Tall and Destination XL. Full line of men's
	clothing. Big sizes to 10X (84" chest), tall sizes to 8XLT (76"
	chest). Shoes to size 18 and wide widths. You can search by size
	within category. Big models. April 15

	Mall stores throughout US and Internet store. Affiliated with
	Lane Bryant. Slightly plus-size models. Sizes to 6x (63" bust,
	60" waist, 69" hip). Bras to 56-I. You can search by size within
	category. April 15

	2300 Windsor Court
	Addison, IL 60101
	(800) 568-2433
	Phone: (800) 568-2433 toll free US, (773) 427-6700 international
	Elastic waist pants and shorts in several styles to 5X
	(58" waist, 68" hip); Jackets and shirts to 5X (66" chest and
	hip). 3X and up cost more. Hats, shoes, neckwear, aprons. Many
	fabric options including traditional black and white and also
	fun prints. Customizable with logos or text. Ships
	internationally. April 15

Chubby Cartwheels
	Run by a plus-size woman, explicitly fat-positive. Fat and
	supersize models. Everything is hand-made to order. Most items
	to 5X (59" bust, 62" hip), also custom sizing at no extra
	charge. They will make items in your custom fabrics for a small
	extra charge. Lingerie, bandeaux, crop tops, leggings,
	bodysuits, jewelry. Overseas shipping. April 15

Classic Plus Size Jewelry
	Phone: 215.547.9300 
	Rings to size 17, watches with extra long bands, bracelets to
	11", necklaces, necklace extenders, ankle bracelets, toe rings.
	Men's and women's styles. Some styles available in custom
	lengths. Ships to US only. April 15

Cloak & Dagger Creations 
	Historically accurate and fantasy clothing. Up to 12 week
	turnaround for custom designs and made-to-measure, but some
	items are available immediately (listed on web site; actual
	measurements given). Cloaks, poet shirts, robes, habits, gowns,
	jerkins, tunics, pants, trim fabric by the yard. They attend
	various conventions and historical events such as RenFaires and
	SCA. They have a studio you can visit by appointment. Ship
	overseas. April 15

----- D -----

Davis' Big & Tall
	2907 E. Texas Street
	Bossier City, LA 71111
	They have a store in Louisiana and also sell via the Internet.
	Offer a wide variety of brands and clothing types and
	accessories. You can shop each department by size. Sizes to 10X
	and 10X tall / 24" neck in shirts and outerwear, 80" waist in
	pants and belts, 20/4E in shoes (5E in sizes to 17), 17 Wide in
	boots. Extra long ties. Coupons available on the web site. April

Decent Exposures
	12554 Lake City Way NE
	Seattle, WA 98125
	Fittings by appointment
	Woman-owned company and all clothes made in USA.
	Maternity/nursing sport/leisure bras in cotton, organic cotton,
	velour, lycra, or "Dri-Release." Cup sizes to L and band sizes
	to 54; also custom sizes. Underpants to size 16 (70" hip).
	Swimwear, shirts, dresses, pants, leggings, shorts, nightwear.
	The rest of their size chart goes to "4X" (around 64" bust/hip)
	but they will make clothing to your measurements (including
	larger measurements than shown on their size chart) at no or
	minimal extra charge. If you don't like how an item fits, they
	will adjust it for free. Items made to order; turnaround time
	about 3 weeks. Note on made to measurement clothing: one person
	found that Decent Exposures would not custom make panties in a
	90 inch hip. April 15

Dion-Jones Ltd
[internet][women][petite][tall][custom] [career][evening][outdoors][wedding]
	Phone: 312-933-7325
	Web site:
	Line of blouses, skirts, pants, ensembles, coats, illustrated by
	design sketches (there's one photo with a promise of more). Some
	of the design sketches describe types of fabric that are
	available. You can order swatches of the fabric for a fee that's
	deducted from your first order. Sizes to 7x (72" bust, 74" hip).
	Petites and talls. You can only order by email or phone. They
	require a 50% deposit and don't offer returns or exchanges.
	April 15

Diesel Femme Wear
	"Diesel Femme Wear combines industrial & boudoir, recycled &
	new, costume & practicality. It comes in sizes XS-8X, in both
	feminine and masculine flavors." Custom sizing available. Items
	made to order. Plus-size models on web site. April 15

Domino Dollhouse
	Owned by a plus-size woman, explicitly fat positive. Fat models
	on web site. They sell clothing by various indie designers.
	Sizes only to 4X, but exact measurements are included for each
	item and some items might fit smaller superfat people. April 15
	Phone: 888-4-DRJAYS, 858-805-6140
	Urban/streetwear in a variety of brands. Men's clothing to 6x
	(68" chest, 58" waist). Retail stores in New York and New
	Jersey. You can search by size. Ships worldwide. April 15

----- E -----

[casual][career][evening] [swimwear][lingerie][accessories][sportswear]
	Web site:
	This online auction site has an extensive collection of
	clothing (and just about everything else). There is a special
	category for women's plus-size clothing, but it might be easier
	to search by your size, e.g., 5X or 48w. There are also a number
	of eBay-only stores selling plus-supersize items. April 15
	Links to retailers that sell clothing in sizes 26W-44W. Apr 15

Enell Sports Bra
	Web site:
	Sports bras to 60" bust / 53" rib measurements, custom sizes.
	Buy on their site (ships to US only) or buy from retailers (list
	on site). April 15

	Web site:
	They offer dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, pants in standard
	sizes to US36W (66" bust, 69" hip). You can adjust details of
	each garment such as the neckline or sleeve length. You can also
	get completely custom-sized items for a small additional fee.
	You specify measurements via an online form with drop-down
	lists. Ships to US and Canada only. Some folks complained of
	slow shipping and sizing / quality problems. Other folks said
	that they were happy with what they ordered. April 15

	They own a chain of stores in the UK and sell online. Size
	positive. Free shipping to US. You can set up a virtual model to
	see what clothes will look like on you. You can shop by shape
	("apple, busty, hourglass, pear") or size. Size chart goes to US
	women's size 28 (55" bust, 51" waist, 62" hip). Shoes go to size
	12 EEE and boots to calf size 18. Bras to 50G. Pants in regular,
	short, and tall inseams. April 15

----- F -----

Fashion Patterns by Connie
	Learn-to-sew site with videos, classes, etc., along with
	patterns. Has a section with XXL-6X patterns (to size 76" hip).
	This sewing blog has a web page listing companies that offer
	plus-size patterns, categorized by the sizes they offer.  

1st African Clothing
	Phone: 888-760-7943 toll free
	Traditional African clothing. Sizing is not standard but
	measurements given for each garment. They have an "abundant" cut
	for some items that tends to measure from 30" across the chest
	(so 60" around) and up. They also sell fabric, throws, 
	wraps, and headwear. Run by a nonprofit organization assisting
	people in Kenya. Ships internationally. April 15

Fo' Paws Productions
	Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and cat themed T-shirts,
	and sweatshirts. Your graphic on a shirt. Short sleeve T-shirts
	to 6X, long sleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts to 5X. April 15

Frank's Big & Tall
	Chain store with 6 locations in New Jersey. Full line of men's
	clothing. Their fit chart says they carry sizes to 8X (76"
	chest, 72" waist) and 5XT, but their "about" page says pants to
	80" waist. Not everything available in all sizes. Footwear to
	size 18. Alterations. Ships worldwide. April 15

Fresh Brewed Tee
	Family-owned company run by big & tall people. Every three days
	they put out 3 reasonably-priced pop-culture designs on
	sportswear. Designs are retired after 3 days. They offer several
	kinds of sportswear but the only ones available in supersizes
	are T-shirts in sizes to 6XL (69" chest). Sizes larger than XL
	cost a little more. The shirts are made to order and are shipped
	in about two weeks. April 15

Full Beauty (formerly OneStopPlus)
	Formerly One Stop Plus. Sells clothing from a variety of brands
	including Woman Within, Roaman's, Jessica London, Shoebuy,
	Alight, Angelique Lingerie, Eliza Parker, Igigi, King Size
	Direct, Kyonna, Monif C., SWAK, Swimsuits for All, Sydney's
	Closet, Torrid, and Ulla Popken. Each of these brands has a
	different size chart; largest sizes for women's clothing are 74"
	bust, 67" waist, 76" hip (7X); hosiery 5'11" & 500 lbs; shoes
	and boots 12WW, calf size 20". Largest sizes for men's clothing
	are neck 26", chest 84, waist 80". You can search by size in any
	department. April 15

----- G -----

Graduation Gown
	They sell plus size gowns (for graduations, choirs, etc.) based
	on height (to 6'5") and weight (some go to "over 310," although
	it doesn't specify how much over). Plus sizes cost more. No
	returns except for defective merchandise. April 15

Gwynnie Bee
	Clothing rental subscription service. You pay a monthly fee
	ranging from $35 for 1 garment out at a time to $159 for 10 out
	at a time. You put clothing in your virtual closet, and they
	send you a box with some of the items you requested. When you
	send items back, they send you more items. You can buy the
	things you want to keep. They offer many brands of clothing,
	some of which are available to small superfat sizes (US women's
	size 32). There is a size chart for each brand, and the size
	chart for the specific product is accessible from the product
	page. You can shop by size. April 15

----- H -----

Hilo Hattie
	Internet and chain store with locations in Hawaii. Hawaiian
	shirts to men's 7X (70" chest, 66" waist). Women's shirts and
	muu muus to 5X (62" bust, 65" hip). Muu Muus to 62" bust, 53"
	waist, 65" hip. Cotton and rayon. Ships overseas. April 15

----- I -----

	Internet store, and their clothing is also available at a number
	of clothing boutiques. Very feminine styles. Most are
	form-fitting and stretchy. You can shop by shape or size. Each
	item has its own fit chart and fit notes, along with some of the
	actual garment measurements. Sizes to 68" bust, 62" waist, 72"
	hip (this is called size 32). Clothing made in USA. Moderate
	prices. Most fabrics appear to be "unnatural" (e.g., lycra,
	polyester). Ship to Canada and overseas. They have a Spanish
	language version of their web site. Their web site is explicitly
	fat-accepting (although they don't use the f-word), e.g., it has
	a quote from Marilyn Wann of Fat!So? and a Q&A column with
	Bonnie Bernell, author of Bountiful Women. They have a gallery
	called "Curve Connection" featuring real customers wearing their
	clothing. April 15

Instant Attitudes
	T-shirts with clever geeky slogans. Most are available to 5X,
	some to 6X. Larger sizes cost more. April 15

Irene's Fashions at Large 
	2939 Arden Way 
	Sacramento, CA  95825 
	Phone: (916) 483-1065  
	Pam Segalman is the owner. Irene's has been serving large women
	for over 25 years. Sizes are 18-60. They carry everything from
	career wear, evening wear, slacks, jeans, sweater, lingerie &
	bras. Will ship. April 15 - listed on yelp, last review was in
	2008, domain name is up for sale

Island Shirts
	Jane Taylor 
	Web site:
	Woman-owned business. Hawaiian shirts to 6X or custom sizes.
	Each shirt costs $95. Shirts are made to order (to measurement
	or following your favorite shirt), custom sizes are no problem.
	Available fabrics change frequently. Fabrics by the yard also
	available. "I bought a couple and am extremely pleased with the
	results as I am a quite hard-to-fit 'supersize' bloke. They're
	not cheap - but they are good and Jane has never been less than
	very friendly and speedy in her responses to me." April 15

----- J -----

JC Penney
	Web site:
	Chain store and web store. On the web site, women's clothing
	goes to 5X, which size chart says is 61" bust, 54" waist and 64"
	hip. 4X and 5X are called "Plus Extended" and cost more. Men's
	shirts to 6X (68" chest, 65" waist), pants to 60" waist. You can
	search by size within department. Large and wide width shoes.
	Low prices. April 15

Jessica London
	Web site:
	Full line of women's wear in classic styles. Affiliated with Sizes to 68" bust, 61" waist, 70" hip. Shoes to
	12 EEEE. Boots to calf size 20". You can search by size. Larger
	sizes cost more. Ships worldwide. April 15

Junonia / Juno Active
	Phone: (800) JUNONIA
	Web site:
	Sports wear, travel wear, casual wear, swim wear. Sizes to 6X
	(66" bust, 58" waist, 70" hip). Some petites and talls. Bras to
	50DD and 42F. You can search by size. Cotton and a variety of
	high-tech fabrics; chlorine resistant swim wear. aquatards;
	travel wear. Mid-size models. Ship overseas. April 15

Just My Size
	Now part of Hanes. Bras to 58J. Hosiery to size 5'9"/450 lb/85"
	hips. Swimwear. Size 5X and 6X clothing (to 67" bust, 59" waist,
	69" hip) is in a separate section, or you can shop by size in
	the main section. Thin models. April 15

----- K -----

Kaufman's Tall & Big Men's Shop
	3395 South Broadway
	Englewood, Colorado 80110
	Not affiliated with Kaufman's Department Store. Does not ship
	outside the US. Men's clothing from various manufacturers. No
	size charts on web site, but you can shop by size from a
	drop-down menu. April 15

Key Industries 
	400 Marble Road
	Fort Scott, KS 66701
	Phone: (800) 835-0365 
	Work clothes, uniforms. Some items to 5X, size chart says that's
	64" chest and 58" waist. You can't search by size. April 15

King Size Direct
	Phone: (800) 677-0249
	Affiliated with Full Beauty (formerly One Stop Plus). Full line
	of clothing. Sizes to 10X (84" chest, 80" waist). Shoes to size
	18, wides and extra wides. Tall sizes. Reasonable prices. April

	Several chain stores in US; also online shopping. Lookbooks show
	their clothes on fat models. In online store, they offer
	lingerie, dresses, casual wear, swim wear, wedding dresses in
	sizes to 68" bust, 62" waist, and 72" hips (5X, 32). You can
	shop by size. April 15

----- L -----

Lady Grace Intimate Apparel
	Web site:
	Bras and maternity bras to 58" bust and G cup. Hosiery to 300
	lbs. Stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Ships
	overseas. April 15

Lamood Big Hats
	Hats of various types in sizes above 7. Not all hats come in all
	sizes. April 15.

Lane Bryant 
	Online and chain store throughout US. I don't know what sizes
	they offer in the chain stores. In the online store, size chart
	goes to 58" bust, 52" waist, 60" hip, which they call "30", but
	I couldn't find any items available in that size. You can shop
	by size in some departments but not others. April 15

Lotus in the Moonlight
	eBay store. Caftan style rayon jackets to 80" around, dresses to
	90" around, other styles. Pretty batiked prints. Ships overseas.
	April 15

Love Your Peaches Clothing Company
	Phone: Toll free 888-274-7499
	Web site:
	The owner and designer, Janelle, is a BBW. Tops, dresses,
	skirts, pants, jackets and swimwear in a variety of basic and
	fancy fabrics (linen, velvet). Also activewear in cotton/lycra
	jersey Prices vary by fabric. Sizes to 6X (70" bust, 76" hips).
	One piece and two piece mix-n-match swimwear. They will tailor
	items to order at no extra charge. They use plus and supersize
	models; web site has a gallery of customers wearing their
	clothes and swimwear. April 15

----- M -----

Make Your Own Jeans
	Based in India, they make all kinds of clothing to your
	measurements - jeans, pants, jackets, shirts, suits, leather
	wear. Emphasis on menswear but also some women's wear items. You
	pick from their wide variety of fabrics. They will also "clone"
	an item you send them. Larger sizes cost more. They sometimes
	take a long time to ship. Quality of workmanship and fabric is
	good. Affiliated with April 15

Making It Big
	Full line of women's clothing. Sizes to 76" bust and 82" hips.
	Most styles available in all the sizes they offer. Fat and
	supersize models. They design their own patterns. Most of their
	clothing is made from natural fibers and with environmentally
	friendly dyes. Some of their clothing is made in the U.S. Some
	petites, talls. They use large and supersize models. They ship
	overseas. April 15

	Sister web site to Simply Be, offering clothing for an older
	demographic (late 20s and up?). Size chart goes to US women's
	size 34 (bust 63", waist 56", hips 65"). Bras to 58L. Footwear
	to 12EEEEE. Boots to calf width 24. Not everything available in
	all sizes. You can search by size. Wide range of mostly feminine
	clothing. April 15.

Medical Scrubs Collection
	http://www.medicalscrubscollection . com
	Scrub tops, pants, jackets, dresses from many manufacturers.
	Also socks, hosiery, shoes (including wide width), lanyard
	necklaces. Each manufacturer has its own size chart but I saw
	sizes to 5X (64" chest, 65" hip). No way to search by size.
	Ships within 48 continental US states only. April 15

Medical Discount Scrubs
	Several lines of scrubs, mostly Dickies and Cherokee, some items
	to 5X, a few to 5X tall. Larger sizes cost more. You can search
	by size by entering a size in the search box. Ships within
	continental US only. April 15.

Minnesota Workwear
	Many brands of workwear and uniforms, some (both men's and women's) up to 6X,
	possibly higher. No way to shop by size. April 15

	"The BBW's Best Fashion Friend." Their size chart goes to 15X
	(109" bust, 112" hips) but I didn't see anything available
	larger than 10X (84" bust, 88" hips) 87"). Lots of different
	kinds of tops. Also shorts, pants, skirts, robes, jackets,
	lingerie. Many items are shown only on hangers and sometimes
	it's hard to see the shape, but some are shown on plus size
	models. Each item includes measurements and information about
	the fabric. Inexpensive. No refunds, exchanges only. Ships
	worldwide. April 15.

Muldoon's Men's Shop
	1506 South Hastings Way
	Eau Claire WI 54701, USA
	Full range of menswear from multiple manufacturers. Sizes to 10X
	(84" chest). You can search by size within category. They ship
	overseas. April 15

Myles Ahead 
	1320 N. State Road 7
	Margate, FL 33063
	Size chart lists sizes to 80" bust, 85" hip (they call this a
	5X), but some items come up to 10X (not sure what that means).
	Store is 25 miles from Miami and is handicap accessible / size
	friendly; alterations done same day. Large collection of
	dresses, jackets, tops, and pants in a variety of fabrics. Small
	jewelry collection. A few plus-size art items available. They
	use plus and supersize models. The photos of the clothing on the
	web site are not very high-resolution so it can be hard to tell
	what details the clothing has. Also, some item descriptions
	don't include the type of fabric (you can see the available
	fabrics on their own page, though). April 15

----- N -----

----- O -----

Oddessy Martial Arts and Medieval Supply Center
	9101 E. 40 Highway
	Independence, MO 64055
	Web site:  
	Store sells lots of martial arts themed items including weapons.
	They also sell large lartial arts uniforms, including Karate and
	Judo uniforms up to size 12 (waist 76"). However, their online
	shopping cart does not currently support buying uniforms online.
	April 15

Old Navy
	It's a chain store, but their plus size items are available only
	online. They go into the (smaller) superfat sizes only for
	women's clothing (men's goes to 3X). Sizes to US women's size 30
	(61" chest, 53" waist, 63" hips), which they call 4X. Free
	returns. You can shop by size. April 15

Once Upon a Tee
	"Once Upon a Tee features a new collection of [fantasy/sci-fi]
	T-Shirts each week." The T-shirts go to 5X (64" chest), which
	costs $16 for the current week's tee, or as little as $7 if you
	buy a monthly grab bag subscription. You can also get hoodies to
	chest size 63". April 15

----- P -----

Peggy Lutz Plus 
	Web page:
	Small woman-run business. They used to have a showroom but now
	they are Internet only. They have standard sizing to 82" hips
	and also make clothing in custom sizes. Dresses, jackets, tops,
	and pants. Both basics and one of a kind items. High-quality
	interesting fabrics. Moderate to very expensive. Plus and
	supersize models and older models. April 15

Plus Size Women's Wear
	Web site:
	Church, mother of the bride, and business suits, dresses from
	many manufacturers, some of whom offer some of their items in
	supersizes (e.g., Donna Vinci to 66" bust and 70" hip, Ben Marc
	to 70" bust and 72" hip). You cannot search by size but on the
	list of items from a particular manufacturer, each item lists
	its size range. April 15

Plus Woman 
	85 Laurel Haven
	Fairview, NC  28730
	Web site:
	Small women-owned business. All clothing made in USA. Each
	season they put out a catalog with a selection of fabrics
	(including cotton, Tencel, rayon, linen-rayon, and
	cotton-polyester blends, solids and prints) and a selection of
	dresses and separates. You can order any item in your choice of
	dozens of fabrics, and you can specify inseam, length; sleeve
	length; neckline type, and so on. They also carry scrubs. Sizes
	1X-9X (83" bust, 90" hip). Supersize and midsize models. Free
	fabric swatches. April 15

Plush Cat Style
	Owned by the same woman who owns Big on Batik, and has similar
	clothing -- smock dresses, sun dresses, tops, jackets, pants,
	loungewear, swimwear (including bikinis), lingerie, a lot of it
	in rayon batik. I can't find a size chart on the site, but in
	their "extended sizes" section I found items that go to 75" bust
	and 100" hips. Plus-size and super-size models. International
	shipping. April 15

----- Q -----

----- R -----

Rhonda's Fashions
	Rather odd selection - lingerie in regular and small plus sizes,
	Sovereign Manufacturing Company men's sportswear in sizes to
	14X, men's underwear in sizes to 8X, motorcycle wear in sizes to
	6X (60" chest). No way to search by size. April 15

Ript Apparel
	" sells unique, limited edition pop culture
	designs everyday... Each design lives for only 36 hours."
	T-shirts to 5X (64" chest). April 15.

	Affiliated with Women's sizes to 48W/7X (73"
	bust, 65" waist, 75" hip) but only a minority of items available
	in the largest sizes (biggest selection is in lingerie). Shoes
	to 12WW. Can search by size in some departments but not others.
	April 15.

Rochester Big & Tall
	Full variety of men's big and tall clothing. Affiliated with
	Casual Male XL. Not everything comes in all sizes, but some
	items to 8X (28" neck, 76" chest, 72" waist). On the expensive
	side. April 15

Rocky's Big & Tall
	"Family owned small business offering clothing from a variety of
	manufacturers including Made in USA and Union Made in USA."
	Sportswear to 12X, work shirts to 6X, work pans to 60" waist,
	jeans to 86 waist, hunting vests to 6X. Larger sizes cost a LOT
	more. You can shop by size. April 15.

Ross Unlimited Big & Tall
	366 Flat Shoals Ave., SE
	Atlanta, GA 30316
	Phone: (404) 522-6622
	A review on yelp says "super friendly. All colors and sizes.
	They even had a women's section." April 15

Round House Workwear
	Manufactures overalls to 74" waist and jeans to 54" waist.
	Clothing made in US and available at various online and local
	retailers (see their vendors page). April 15

Rush Order Tees
	Printed and embroidered T-shirts and other casual wear from your
	design. Carries several styles of unisex/men's Ts (including
	tie-dye) in sizes to 5X and at least one style in sizes to 6X
	(but in limited colors). Sweatpants to 5X. April 15

----- S -----

Sanctuarie Designs
	Phone TOLL FREE: (888) 889-5400
	Sizes to 9x (86" chest 94" hip) (actual measurements of clothes).
	Dresses, shirts, pants, and jackets in a wide variety of slinky
	print fabrics. For many items you can choose size, length,
	sleeve, neckline, inseam. Larger sizes don't cost more, but
	added length does. In other fabrics (such as cotton/poly, satin,
	velvet) they offer capes, pajamas/loungewear, caftans, robes,
	goth dresses, t-shirts. Some of these items are to their 9X,
	some to their 6x (78" waist, 74" hip). Halter swimdresses in
	many prints to 80" bust or so. Jeans ("extra extra extra long")
	to 68" waist, 86" hip. They have a "very pear" category of
	clothing with extra room for hips and legs - t-shirts, dresses,
	pants, swimsuits. Prices quite low. Most clothes shown on thin
	mannequins. April 15

Sassy Scrubs
[internet][single][New York][overseas][misc][women][men][unisex]
	102 Church Street, North Syracuse, NY 13212 
	Scrub wear (uniforms) for men and women. They used to offer
	their own line of scrubs but now only offer scrubs from other
	manufacturers. Sizes to 5X (67" hip). Larger sizes cost more.
	Ship anywhere. April 15

[internet][catalog][chain][men][women][shoes] (US site)
	Some men's clothing goes up to 8X. April 15.

Sewfits (Ana's Accoutremonts, Ruth's Custom Sewing and RK Executive Wardrobe)
	Phone: 888-SEW-FITS (739-3487), 512-462-0783
	Custom-made period and fantasy costumes, their design or yours,
	their fabric or yours. Also custom-sized patterns. Custom men's
	wear, bridal wear, and dresses. Ruth's portfolio page includes
	plus-size models (actual customers). You need to provide
	detailed and accurate measurements. Usually 2-3 month
	turnaround; delivery date guarantee. April 13

Shakatime Hawaii
	Online store and physical store in Honolulu. "men's plus size
	Hawaiian shirts and clothing in sizes 2XL up to 6XL and some up
	to 8XL made in Hawaii." 8X is chest 76", but I couldn't find any
	actually available on the site. I found some 6X (72" chest)
	shirts. Larger sizes cost more. April 15

Simply Be
[lingerie][outdoors][shoes][sportswear] [swimwear]
	Company is based in UK but they have a US web site. Targets
	teens and young women. Size chart goes to US women's size 34
	(bust 63", waist 56", hips 65"). Bras to 58L. Footwear to
	12EEEEE. Boots to calf width 24. Not everything available in all
	sizes. You can search by size. Wide range of mostly feminine
	clothing. April 15.

Size Queen Clothing
	Studio/retail store (by appointment only)
	3125B E. Burnside Portland OR
	Designer/retailer Bertha Pearl sells boxers, robes, and "one of
	a kind, limited edition and custom clothing." Sizes to 8x (81"
	bust, 85" hips) and custom. April 15

Smart Glamour
	Indie, woman-run business offers "affordable, customizable
	fashion basics for every woman." They offer a small collection
	of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, shorts, and swimsuits.
	Everything is made to order and you can customize the sleeve,
	length, etc. They have a size chart to 6X (61" bust, 52" waist,
	63" hip) or you can send your measurements and they will custom
	make your clothing for a small extra fee. Clothing modeled by
	women of various sizes and ages. They sometimes have a pop-up
	boutique in New York City. April 15

Sovereign Manufacturing Company
	Garment manufacturing company that makes their clothing in the
	USA and uses USA-made raw materials where possible. They offer
	knit shirts, sweatpants, shorts, sleepwear, safety wear.
	Men's/unisex clothing in sizes to 31" neck, 104" chest, 42", 96"
	waist. Women's clothing in sizes to 73" bust, 66" waist, 77"
	hip. April 15
	Wholesale only, but you can buy their clothes at the following
	online stores:
	Big And Tall World
	Sovereign Outlet Store
	Big Tall Store
	Big Men Dot Com
	Big and Tall R Us
	Rhonda's Fashions
	Rocky's Big & Tall
	One customer had bad experiences with the dye on their shirts
	streaking and fading. 

Stout Men's Shop (aka Big Men | Tall Men | Stout Men's Shop)
	Phone: 800-458-5650 or 508-879-1400
	Web site:
	Big selection. Wide size range on many items (some by special
	order, some in stock) -- sweats to size 11X (80" chest), suits
	to waist size 88, shoes to 20EEEEEE, etc. Worldwide mail order.
	April 15

Swag & Valor
	Their own line of knit boxers and boxer briefs, T-shirts, hats, and
	soap. Also some T-shirts from other manufacturers and skin care
	products. Most items to 8X. April 15

SWAK Sealed With A Kiss Designs
	"Contemporary plus fashion." Most items are flowy and stretchy.
	They have been adding more items in their larger sizes over the
	past couple of years. Sizes to 6X. Each item has its own size
	chart, but a typical 6X might be to bust 62", waist 60", and hip
	72". You can shop by size. Plus-size models. Instagram photos of
	real customers of all sizes. Blog. Videos. April 15

Swimsuits for All
	Sizes to 34 (52" waist, 62" bust), but all the larger size items
	are swimdresses or top + shorts/skirt separates. A few coverups.
	Some slightly plus size models on site. Ships worldwide. Free
	exchanges. April 15

Sydney's Closet
	Prom, bridal, formal, and cocktail attire. They offer several
	lines, each with its own size chart; largest size on the charts
	is 69" bust, 64" waist, 72" hip (few items available in that
	size). Larger sizes cost more. Most items specify no returns or
	exchanges. Small and midsize models on web site, but there's
	also a customer gallery with larger women. You can buy their
	clothing from authorized retailers, which you can find on the
	web site. April 15

----- T -----

Tafford Uniforms
	Web site:
	Wide variety of scrubs and warmups in various fabrics. Also
	shoes. Many different manufacturers. Sizes to 7X. You can search
	by size. Ships in US only. Large sizes cost more. April 15

Tailor Store
	Swedish-based company offering made-to-measure tailored clothing
	- men's suits, shirts, coats, t-shirts, jackets, underwear, and
	women's shirts. They guarantee your clothing will fit or they
	will pay for a local tailor to adjust them. You can enter your
	own measurements, or for some items you can enter your height,
	weight, and collar size and they will estimate your
	measurements. Their form accepts chest, waist, and hip
	measurements to 79", but one superfat person tried to order a
	polo shirt and a few weeks later the company said they couldn't
	make the shirt with those measurements and refunded their money.
	April 15.

Team Estrogen
	Sportswear for women with a focus on cycling. Some items come in
	sizes up to 62" hip. You can search by size. April 15

Top Custom Wetsuits Sites
	List of places to buy custom wetsuits, sorted by popularity.

----- U -----

Ulla Popken
	Clothes and classics. Lots of viscose, rayon, and slinky fibers,
	but also cottons and cotton blends. Almost all items available
	to size 32/34 (5X, 60" bust and 66" hips), some to 36/38. You
	can shop by size. They give an indication of the fit for each
	garment: relaxed fit, slim fit, etc. Moderate prices. Slightly
	plus-size models. April 15

----- V -----

Valley Department Store
	245 N. Euclid Ave.
	Ontario, CA 91762
	Phone: (909) 984-8646
	Big and tall menswear up to size 80 waist. Alterations in store;
	basic alterations such as hemming pants are no extra charge.
	More than 17,000 sq. ft. of men's tailored clothing, dresswear,
	sportswear, workwear, Levi's. Family owned since 1929. April 15

----- W -----

Wave Shoppe
	110 N Kalmia St 
	Escondido, CA 92025
	"American Made Hawaiian Shirts". Men's to 5X (63" chest) and
	women's to 7X (70" chest) on site. "Larger women's sizes up to
	8X are available in a limited quantity online or by special
	order by contacting Customer Service." The plus sizes are in
	their own section but not all of them are available in 5X and
	above and you can't search by size. April 15.

Woman Within
	Web site:
	Large collection of clothing, inexpensive to moderately priced.
	Affiliated with Size chart goes to 74" bust, 67"
	waist, 76" hips, which is called 7X, but very few items (mostly
	underwear) available in that size. Respectable number of items
	are available in 6X. Bras to 58J. Shoes to 12EE. Boots to 19"
	calves. Thin models. April 15

Westport Big & Tall
[catalog][internet][chain][Connecticut, North Carolina][overseas]
	Full line of men's clothing, familiar brand names such as Cutter
	& Buck. Sizes to men's 6X (66-68" chest, 62-64" waist) and 5XT.
	Catalog and Web store with two retail locations, one in
	Connecticut, and one in North Carolina. You can shop by size on
	the web site. All sizes cost the same. Most items available in
	all sizes. April 15

Wilsdom African Designs
	2557 60th Avenue Oakland CA 94605 
	9251 International Blvd Oak. CA 94603
	(Store hours by appointment only)
	African wedding gowns and formal wear, also some items suitable
	as Western casual wear. Many items in sizes to 4X, some to 6X
	(size chart doesn't specify but I'm guessing this is about 70"
	hip). Caftan dresses are 72" or 78" wide. Larger sizes cost
	more. You can't search by size. They make some items to order,
	such as wedding wear. Fabrics by the yard available. April 15
	High quality suits and hats for special occasion to business.
	A few items to size 34 (66" bust, 56" waist, 70" hip); you can
	search by size. Web site uses thin models. They also have some
	men's suits.  April 15

----- X -----

----- Y -----

Yours Clothing
	They are based in the UK, where they have a chain of stores, but
	their web site is able to list prices in US dollars and they
	offer free or inexpensive delivery to the US. Their size chart
	goes to US women's size 32 (58" bust, 52" waist, 68" hip) and
	men's size 5XL (a few items to 6XL). Bras go to 56J. Shoes go to
	US women's size 11.5 EEE. Not everything comes in all sizes. You
	can search by size. Larger sizes do not seem to cost more. April 15

----- Z -----

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