R.I.P. Selkie 198? - 8 January 2003

Selkie was diagnosed with untreatable pancreatic/lymph node cancer on 6 January, after a rapid decline. We decided to have her euthanized to spare her from further pain. My partner Aahz wrote a beautiful memorial page for Selkie. (I am still too sad to write one.) I'm leaving the rest of her page as it was when she was alive. --Stef, 10 January 2003

Selkie's page @ The Cat & Dragon

Selkie is a perfect cat of unknown age and origin, with seal-point Siamese markings.

Selkie's page finally includes a picture!

Selkie also has a LiveJournal account.

See more pictures of Selkie ("Extraterrestrial Creature") and other shameless cats (are there any other kinds?) at The ErotiCat Home Page

Read about traditional apple-head Siamese cats.

Selkie came to me from The San Francisco SPCA, via the cat rescue organization Community Concern for Cats. So I don't know whether she is a traditional apple-head Siamese, but she has many of the characteristics of one.

Read the newsgroup rec.pets.cats

Want your own Meezer? Check out the Siamese Rescue Alliance.


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In Memoriam

I volunteer at an animal shelter. This page includes suggestions about how to combat pet overpopulation and has pictures of cats I got to know who sadly did not find new homes. Have Kleenex handy.

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