The Capitalist Side of Polyamory

[From a post in alt.polyamory by Karl Allen (]

I was just idly thinking this morning that someday polyamory will achieve a certain level of recognition in our society. Meaning, of course, that corporate America will be ready to cash in. I picture bicycles built for three, sheets that come with three pillow cases, a whole line of His and Hers towels with variying permutations of the Hises and Herses, poly hotel rooms in which the beds are big enough to sleep 2 1/2 people instead of the usual 1 1/2, and a host of other products and services. There'll be books ("Romeo and Juliet and Alice"), movies ("Five Brides for Seven Brothers"), TV Shows ("Married...with Girlfriend"), and, inevitably, talk shows ("Today on Sally: My Secondary Slept with My Primary!"). And through it all, one thing won't have to change: those Doublement chewing gum ads. "Double Your Delightment", indeed. Something to think about, in your spare moments.

-- K

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