Polyamory is the theory and practice of openly maintaining multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships.

Stef's Poly Post Archive

I'm archiving and organizing some of my writings from alt.polyamory and the triples and poly mailing lists. I'm in the process of converting the material to HTML files organized by content.

Archives 1-4 have been organized into the following sections:
*Models and Transitions
* Feelings, Communication, and Negotiation (76K)
* Poly Etiquette and Behavior (44K)
* Poly in a Non-Poly Society (12K)

* Stef's Poly Post Archive Part 5 (162K)
* Stef's Poly Post Archive Part 6 (180K)
* Stef's Poly Post Archive Part 7 (18K)
Want to learn more? I also maintain the alt.polyamory home page, which includes FAQs, web pages of poly folks, essays, events, mailing lists, regional groups, poly art, poly products, and more.

Check out The Capitalist Side of Polyamory (Humor)

Yes, Virginia, there are poly-friendly counselors

One of them is Kathy Labriola, whose office is in Berkeley, California.

Kathy Labriola provides low-fee counseling for individuals, couples, and groups. She has extensive experience assisting people with the challenges of non-traditional relationships, health problems and disabilities, HIV/AIDS, sexual orientation crises, political activism, and class struggle. She also facilitates discussion and support groups on open relationships, health and disabilities, and political activism and burnout. For further information, or to receive free educational pamphlets, call Kathy at (510) 464-4652.

Several of Kathy Labriola's brochures are available here:

Disclaimer: I am not a client of Kathy's nor am I receiving any payment for making her brochures available. I just think she's a cool, sensible person and I want to support her work.


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