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The Journey of Crochet

I got the chain stitch right away, but it took me two or three years of occasional practice to get past the chain stitch to do my first row of single crochet stitch. Once I had managed that, I undertook a sampler afghan of 48 squares each with a different pattern, based on a booklet called Bucilla Crochet Primer that was published in 1983. It took me about nine months to finish the squares, and I'm still working on putting them together over a year later.

Single Crochet Square with Variegated Yarn

This is the first crochet square I made. I was very proud of it, even though it was curly on the edges!

Single Crochet in the Round

This is a practice sample of single crochet stitch. It's made from Red Heart acrylic yarn.

Single Crochet Shapes

Here are two practice samples of single crochet stitch. They're made from Red Heart acrylic yarn.

Single Crochet Doll's Beret and Hello Kitty Bracelet Worn by Li'l Death of the Endless

Another practice sample took on a silly role.

Ribbed Double Crochet Square with Variegated Yarn

Here is another square for my sampler afghan. It's made from Red Heart acrylic yarn.
Closeup of stitch

Vigil 1 Openwork Crochet Square

This square made from Red Heart acrylic yarn is also part of my sampler afghan. It's called Vigil because I was working on it to distract myself from worrying about my cat Selkie during her last illness.
Vigil 1 Detail

Crochet Squares and Necklace

This photo shows my White and Purple Necklace (see my jewelry page) on top of a pile of squares for my sampler afghan.
Another view

Found Art

Collage Coasters are made from free AOL and other CDs and images cut from magazines, calendars, free catalogs, and so forth, sealed with Modge Podge or equivalent. These were basically my first craft project. Because all the materials except the Modge Podge were free, it helped me give myself permission to do crafts.

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