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Q: Who is Stef?

Stuff I wrote

A book about the Python programming language (with my partner Aahz)
Stef's Poly Post Archive: About responsible non-monogamy
My web design rant (way out of date; I'm keeping it for nostalgia value)
Stef's Ebay Tips (not entirely out of date)
What Is Shamanism?

Stuff I made

Stef's Jewelry, Crochet, and Other Craft Stuff (lately I'm writing about my crafty activities on my blog and on Ravelry)

Collections of info I maintain

Big Folks FAQs and Fat-friendly health professionals list
alt.polyamory home page
* My grab bag (go ahead, take a chance!)

Things I think are cool

Kiva micro-lending
My fluffy Biscuit and my great big Angus.
My perfect cat, Selkie. (R.I.P.)
Resources for readers and writers
NaNoWriMo 2003 Winner


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